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Friday, December 07, 2007

Gary Ambrose's Reminder to Those Who Want to Make Money At Home

Some of you might know of Gary Ambrose.  Gary's one of those guys who, like most of us, struggled at internet marketing for a couple of years until he hit upon the right formula, and the right crowd, in the right place and at the right time.  There's no telling what he really makes but what really matters most is that "he's workin' it."  He continues to come up with new opportunities to help others help him help others help him help others.

You get what I'm saying.

So Why Am I Writing About Gary Ambrose?

Recently, Gary wrote a letter to his readership.  In it, he said something which, to the uninitiated, might have sounded a little arrogant.

Well, Maybe More Than a Little...
But it really wasn't.

He reminded his readers of his own humble beginnings and how he rose to prominence by making himself ultra-useful to established marketers without worrying about what was in it for him and suggested that others, if they wanted to break into the big leagues, consider doing the same.  You see, the "What's In It For Me" (WIIFM) type thinking, about which we marketers try to educate our students, belongs to the consumer... but what we're trying to be are business owners, so WIIFM is not always the best thing for us.

So Gary Has It Right

Producers, marketers, or any blogger that wishes to go from consuming to producing, from solely buying to successfully selling has to really think about how to be of service to those who can help him or her... and the "WIIFM" will take care of itself.  Focusing on WIIFM will just impeded your usefulness and the natural return that occurs via the invisible law of reciprocity.  It's ok to KNOW this and to USE it... but it's counterproductive to dwell on it.  Just find someone who can help you someday and see if you can find out what will REALLY help them and just do it.

That isn't to say you should be an endless fountain of giving or a doormat.  Being helpful to those who can possibly help you doesn't mean throwing all reason and wisdom to the wind.  It doesn't mean your efforts should become a recipe for abuse or self-denial.  Just keep it simple.  Find out what will REALLY help someone who can potentially help you and HELP THEM.

And Don't Take Offense If They Don't Find Your First Attempts Helpful

Like anything else, helping others is learned.  It can take a while to get it right and if someone doesn't find your efforts helpful, don't take it personally.  And don't make them out to be wrong (which isn't helpful), just use it as *priceless* feedback on how you might learn and adapt in future situations.  You might even say, "Sorry about that, I really meant it with the best of intentions but since you were kind enough to let me know it wasn't helpful, would you also be so kind as to tell me how I might have done things differently?"  Or something like that; a simple question seeking simple feedback.

So Thank You, Gary Ambrose.

Thanks for the powerful reminder.  It actually took courage and conviction to come right out and say what you said, too, because, like I'd said, many could easily misinterpret it.  I would say that it was pretty timely, too, since the great Thomas P. Stanley was just saying the exact same thing in a CD to which I'd been listening - take a genuine interest in the leaders of your industry.

For Those of You Who've Never Met Gary...

Just below is a timeless audio recording download between Gary and serial entrepreneur, Mark Joyner - to those in the internet marketing field both are considered highly accomplished.  This recording is scarce and has not, to my knowledge, been made public in any big way before.  It took place during the period of Mike Chen's "Secret Weapon" which was a fancy split-testing tool that wasn't bad, but it was a little too complicated for most people.  I once referred to it as "an over-glorified split-tester" which I still believe it is because the average person doesn't know how to use it.  But the audios which came with it were, in my opinion, worth far more than the program.

Along with this audio, you'll find links to a couple of the opportunities that Gary has made available to marketers who have no list of their own so they they can develop one in far less time than it would take them by themselves (no affiliate links are being used).

Mark Joyner with Gary Ambrose
"How a Marketing-Newbie Went from Rags to Riches Through Testing!"


  • Learn the little tricks Gary used to triple the opt-in rate to his newsletters ... 

  • Learn about log file analysis basics ... what's important and what's not.

  • Discover which website changes are a total waste of time ...  Find out what to focus on and what to ignore to shave years off your learning curve.

  • Listen to real-world examples of how you could start applying the Secret Weapon Lite to your marketing today in order to increase your sales in a snap.  This is hard proof from two experienced marketers that this tool works!

  • And much more....!

Right Click HERE and Choose SAVE AS

Gary Ambrose's Seminar Aces
Gary Ambrose's Email Aces
Gary Ambrose's List Bandit

The LITE Version of the Split-Testing Script
"Secret Weapon Lite"

If You Download the Audio, Just Leave a Comment Below About Someone or Something for Which You're Grateful.


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Pete said...

I must admit, I never saw you as one of the 'sheep' Sam.

Gary Ambrose is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing.
I've been on his Lists for a couple of years now. He goes with the flow, and jumps on every bandwagon that pulls alongside him.

This time it's Rich Schefrens wagon.

Good to see you're avtually human after all.

Good luck,


Sam Freedom said...

Hi Pete,

I won't argue with you on that one. I even agree to some extent. But Gary is only human like the rest of us and I try my best to be fair.

He gave out a good reminder on a great piece of information and I focussed on that while demonstrating it, too.

I don't think he and other marketers in his circle are intrinsically evil. I just think they have a formula plus conditions, that really work for them. And once the gravy train is rolling, no one really wants to pull it into a pit stop for an ethics board review... I'll just continue to point out where I think there's unfairness, or misinformation, and also when there's good, useful info, too.

Pete said...

Sam, I don't for one minute think Gary is Evil. I do get the impression though that his success has come from 'following' the guru's he idolised, and was fortunate enough to meet on a personal level.

I'm not so sure that a couple of years ago, I wouldn't have done the same. I was desperate to make money online, and would probably have sold my soul to the devil to get it.
(Not intentionally I might add).

I remember his first blog. I was one of his first subscribers. He was very personable and genuine. I followed his ramblings, contributed a bit, and then he just stopped posting. (Probably had a good launch on the way).

Recently, I had cause to use his 'support' system, expecting a helpful, maybe even courteous reply.
What I got was;- A 'CURT' REPLY. Basically telling me the fault was at my end, deal with it.

(Incidentally, the fault isn't at my end. I still use his particular service because I paid for it. I just have to jump through hoops each time I do).

This is my reason for suggesting he's a Wolf in Sheeps clothing.

He comes accross as very personable and friendly.
In reality, once he has your money, you'd better not waste his time. After all, he's got far better things to do with 'his' time than customer support.
He's got Mike Filsaime and Marc Joyner to 'suck up' to hasn't he?

On the same subject. Has anyone ever been able to get any sense out of Mike Filsaimes support system?

As for Marc Joyner, he's great all the time you agree with him on his Simpleology forums. Try having a different viewpoint and see the colour of his eyes change.

A good exercise there for 'anybody'.


Jordan Pearce said...

I agree and am always extending a hand on projects or promotion and at times over deliver. If people don't reciprocate it is human nature to not extend a hand so often or tell your friends about them.

It all works out no matter what. :)

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Pete,

I'm sorry you've had these experiences. I can only say, from experience, that there are times when even someone blames me for doing something that I either did do or due to some misunderstanding that is very difficult for them to comprehend.

Just recently, I affiliated a product and the commission went directly to me. When the person couldn't find the download page of the sale owner, she took out a paypal complaint against ME.

That doesn't look good at Paypal and, I'm sure, it stays on my record even though I did nothing wrong.

Even after gladly helping her contact the product owner's support (which was clearly listed), the paypal complaint is not resolved. Not because she won't resolve it but because, for some "reason", she now can't find any mention of her Paypal complaint either.

And, for those who have been through this lovely experience, Paypal doesn't offer an option for the seller/affiliate to say, "Hey, we resolved it!" They want specifics and they don't give a specific selection for "I pointed her to the proper download link."

So, for what it's worth, that's just one of the few things that we go through on this end of the relationship. Sometimes a customer is just mistaken or in waters way over their head and it's not the fault of the seller but the visitor will sometimes blame anyone or anything they can in a bid to get something to stick.

I'm sure that's not your exact case but I don't think it's fair to have one-side of the story about Gary in a place that wasn't intended for proper arbitration.

He's human, like all of us, and should be innocent til shown otherwise. Whenever I have an issue with a marketer that can't be resolved otherwise, I, at least, get very specific and sincerely invite their rebuttal on my own blog.

It's just fair to be careful... controversy, here, is an artform not an instrument of bludgeoning. ;-)

Pete said...

Hi Sam.
You're absolutely right.
I should have thought harder before posting what appears to be a venomous attack.

I won't try and defend it in any way other than the fact that the experience was fresh in my mind, and the name flared up like a red rag to a bull.

My apologies for using your blog in a selfish and inappropriate manner which I would find unacceptable if the tables were turned.