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Sunday, December 23, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS Internet Marketers and Bloggers! Come Get Your Present!


It's that time of the year again, folks!  Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, it's in your face, and there ain't a gosh darn thing ya can do about it except jam your face into a bowl of whatever gets put in front of you and make the most of it!

Of course, if you're a radical extremist of any kind, you might have some mad belief that you CAN do something about it but, take my word for it, you'll just get crushed like a bug if you dare.  And you won't like it.

When In Rome...

It's so much easier to just buy a bunch of gifts for people and eat lots of food than it is to go around shaking your fist and blaming a religion, or religion, in general, for the bulk of humanity's problems.  So if you think there's something wrong with Christmas and religion,


Ok, so, in keeping with my own advice, I am going to go down to the local breakfast place and stuff my face in preparation for the coming festivities.  Furthermore, I'm going to give you a very special gift...

Promises of Money?
Free Ebooks Stuffed With Affiliate Links?
A 97% Discount to an Over-Priced Program?
1000 Entrecard Credits?
Free Jimmies On Your Sundae?
A Trip for 2 to Las Vegas, Nevada's Tahiti Village?

No... No... No... No... No...!

(sorry, no)

BUT, I'm going to give you something MUCH BETTER than all that nonsense!  I'm going to give you...


I'm not going to lie - I'm a pretty smart guy.  That doesn't mean I know everything, but if there's one thing I DO know it's that things are NOT as easy as internet marketers and A-list bloggers make them seem.  In fact...


But the sad fact is that with a lot of clueless wanna-be's following their advice, the internet has become cluttered up and bogged down with all kinds of sub-standard information that makes any GOOD information much harder to find. 

For example, I want to move a Blogger blog to Wordpress.

Simple, Right?

Of course not, since there's all kinds of nasty messiness in ensuring that everything, including Pagerank and traffic, etc.,  transition over smoothly. 

So I Just Google for the Info, Right?

Of course... not... well, one could try, and I did, but what I had to wade through before I settled on THIS, was an abomination of half-truths and outdated information written BY the technically-minded FOR the technically-minded - a cacophony of  web-chatter that would spin the head of even the great Albert Einstein.  All had good intentions, but all were as confusing and unhelpful as.... a nipple on a bull.

So, Let's Start Simply, Shall We?

In the comment section below, tell me (and the other visitors), what is your most pressing dilemma right now?  What problem, if you had an answer, would allow you to move forward with much greater clarity, ease and/or speed?

Try to state your need as concisely as possible - perhaps 2-3 sentences that don't require 300 words each.  Keeping questions concise and to the point helps you get a quality answer. 

(Note:  If you have something majorly technical, you might be better off going to or for help.)

But if there's a concept you need help to comprehend better or you're not sure if X is legitimate, or worth your time, or whatever else you can think of that would help you to move forward in your internet marketing or blogging career, then...

(others are encouraged to help, too but please no affiliate links)

(and if ya have no questions or answers, then enjoy this ultra-cool Christmas light show!  Dozens more Christmas light shows can be found here!)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Juggling Jason said...

Hmmm, if I understand correctly, this question applies.

I'm thinking of re-branding myself (I'm currently juggling man) this would mean changhing the domain name of my blog. If I do so, will I confuse my readers, lose my SEO work and so on... how do I make the transition smooth.

that's my question and this is my blog

As always, very entertaining article.

Sam Freedom said...

Hi Jason,

If you're thinking of rebranding yourself then it's obvious to me that you're just not completely satisfied with your brand. And while I don't suggest being obsessive to anyone, I still think you have to do what makes you happy.

And it should also coincide with your goals. For example, I knew a guy that hired a dj for his party. The dj has all the experience in the world in regards to knowing what makes people get up and dance and have a fun time, but the party owner wanted the dj to play all those "high school" songs that made the party owner emotional.

The guests really hated it. So was the party owners goal to throw a good party or was it to surround himself with people for emotional masturbation?

You have to be very clear about what you want.

I love what the US Constitution stands for and I like to project strength but I also do not forget that I'm online to make a living, so I feel comfortable and satisfied by my branding.

So you have to sit down and brainstorm a branding strategy that you will want to keep once-and-for-all... which doesn't mean you can't create a seperate company with a different brand but you need at least one you really want to start with.

About changing the domain, confusing readers and losing SEO work. I think unbeknownst to many, that happens ANYWAYS... no matter how clear you try to be with people, some of them are always going to misunderstand you and get confused anyways.

With only 70-80 posts, you are at the perfect time to make the transition. But what is the best way to minimize confusion? Well, you're a BLOGGER, communicate!

Start posting NOW that you are going to be transitioning and explain some of the details NOW, rather than 3 seconds before you flick the switch.

Plan your transition, get all your ducks lined up in a row so that it's a very simple affair... and so that people are not only notified in advance, but perhaps even incentivized to return and give you some "new location" link-love.

Maybe, in advance, you can offer everyone who links to your new place a free logo or customized button - you decide.

But as Andy Beard once told me, keep it simple and give Google time to figure things out, and it will. And people will find you again, and you'll be glad you did it now rather than later.

Except this time... sit down and plan the bulk of it. The fear builds the longer you wait... believe me.


rangelab said...

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your down to earth blogs. You sure tell it as you see it.

Juggling Jason said...

Thank you for this! I will certainly heed your good advice to the best of my ability. Keep up the great blogging work!

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