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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Review and Rebuttal of 10 Reasons You Might Be a Pussy Blogger

Kudos to the author of  "LEARNING SEO BASICS: Search Engine Optimization Resource Center" for her blog post, "Review of Sam Freedoms, '10 Reasons You Might Be a Pussy Blogger'"

In it, she (henceforth referred to as "seo basics") graciously called me out - something I neither discourage nor fear, for it provides me with yet another opportunity to find out that indefinable stuff from which I'm made.  My goal here, then, is to rebut her review point-for-point.  And for those of you stumbling in for the first time, here is the original article, "10 Reasons You Might Be a Pussy Blogger".  At present, it is receiving 100s of visits from both Sphinn and Stumbleupon.

Well Sam, here’s what I think:
“You Moderate Your Comments”

Well, maybe sometimes people don’t know of any other options for weeding out cursing and foul doo doo that others may infiltrate it with. But, I totally disagree with omitting comments simply based on the ‘Opposition’ factor.

First, finding other options is as simple as asking.  Second, I was not referring to newbies but specifically mentioned "captcha" and "akismet" to highlight those who know of it (even possibly use them) but still moderate their comments.  See, after each point, there was a short explanation.  Omitting those explanations, which you did, makes your rebuttal seem relevant but none of your rebuttals are relevant in light of the points I made after (though I still appreciate your bravado).

“You Repeat Tips and Suggestions That You Never Experienced, Especially With No Attribution”

Not everyone that blogs, blogs to hear themselves talk. Maybe, there are those that post comments that they believe in, expecting the reader to be wise enough to research it further themselves. Maybe they are posting a comment that they hope will bring responses to ‘set-them-straight’ if disputable. Besides, I have heard some comments from people that are experts who are supposed to know all who have been publicly declared ‘Full of Doo Doo” too. Blogging is a journal…an online diary of sorts. And, a diary is observations .

Assuming that any mass of people who you don't know are wise enough to do anything is a big mistake but perhaps you need to learn that by making it a few times.  If you are going to post something in hopes of being set straight, then that ought to be stated so that people don't mistake you for an authority only to end up in the jaws of a lion. Your having heard comments from so-called experts that were declared "doo-doo" was covered because, in the very least, you know the source and can knock their block off.

“ You Try to Be Top Commenter On Popular Bloggers’ Blogs”

This one is funny actually. Is there actually 1 person that gives a comment that they hope will be a flop?

You misunderstood (again).  Top Commenter refers to the very first position in the comment queue - or, at least, the top 3 positions.  Some people actually hover over their RSS feeds trying to get top position in the comment queues of high-traffic bloggers.

Is there really some reason that people that comment should BEWARE of those lurking that may hate you? Like SamFreedom is really worried about being mindful of not stealing the show. LoL. You’re ability to do that is one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blogs. And, isn’t that similar to the ‘Moderating’ theme of question #1? Not a huge difference. Either be yourself, or fall in line with the masses. Of course, having respect for those you may be infuriating by being the top commenter is something to take a look at. If a Top commenter’s sole purpose is to steal the show, others will see and disregard or applaud. We’re all grown.
The point is that if people are caught up in the game of trying to be a "top commenter" amidst the comment masses, then they are wasting their time and energy and are, therefore, pussy bloggers.  They should focus more on leaving useful comments and, perhaps, some light, attention-grabbing formatting.

“ You Give ALL Your Experience Away for Free”

I don’t really know of too many people that’s hanging out at their computer giving away all their goodies for free.

Then you must be living a sheltered existence.  And be careful, I said "experience", not "goodies."  If you don't know the difference, that's ok, but there is one.

But, for those who are, who are we to formulate an immediate assessment of WHY they are doing so?

We are not all the same; some of us are more experienced than others and can make better, quicker assessments than others.  It's like the US Constitution says, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,..." which many slackers interpret to mean that their potential worth is equal to someone else's actualized worth.  And it just ain't so...  We are all regarded as equal so that, ideally, we can have equal opportunity to develop our understanding of life.  So some people are more understanding than others and can make that "immediate assessment" to which you referred.

Maybe ‘Free’ is a great practice for the real thing. You say it’s a sign of weakness, not strength. Why is that? Here’s an example…I requested a free sample lotion online a few weeks ago. It came, I tried it, it was great, I bought. I don’t think it’s a whole heckuvah poor idea to give away what you have to offer because it allows for gaining experience and followers if what you have is useful.
You might have completely missed what I wrote because I referred to.... "giving away all your EXPERIENCE" which has nothing to do with lotion samples.
For those who don’t have experience to speak of, what can be a better way of experimenting and dipping your foot into the waters to give it a test run? People follow free. If all goes well, maybe in the end, it becomes what you need on your resume’. Also, not to be overlooked. SOME PEOPLE JUST LIKE HELPING OTHER PEOPLE! It makes them feel like a positive contribution to society instead of the same old same old taker that can be found on a bazillion SERP’s . Wha’ts so wrong with that? Having a little bit of unselfish qualities can also be what gives you an edge my friend. You get what you give. It all comes back to you, good, bad, or indifferent.
I wrote , "Giving away something of value for free is ok as a lead in to a bigger offer but to give oodles of your hard-earned pearls away at no charge is a sign of WEAKNESS, not strength."

A little bit of unselfishness is not only fine but recommended (see this example).

And I would gladly bet that you are the kind of person who, out of the other side of your mouth would say something like, "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."  Giving away ALL your experience is both a weakness and, I'd also bet, a sure sign of CO-DEPENDENCY.

Uh, well, yea! It’s part of the appeal or lack of that we all experience when reading. Take a survey for this one: “How many people feel that using capital letters in comments is equal to yelling?” Some people actually enjoy fact without drama. Then again, sometimes drama is fun. One of your best qualities, I might add.

As far as capital letters go, if someone typed in them all the time, maybe something might be said.  But how is it that otherwise mature adults can't simply skip over any msg in capital letters without having to scream about "screaming"?  I still say capital letters can be used better than they have been to-date.
“ You Think Because You Do SEO By the Book That Black Hatters Are “Beneath” You.”

Now, this is great…once again, we enter the zone…Didn’t you just answer #4 with “b) you’re saturating the market and making it harder for them to make a living.”? Don’t the “Honest Abes” deserve the same respect? Hello? Sheesh.;Honest Abes?"  How dare you besmirch the reputation of president Lincoln by likening a bunch of white hat SEOs to him.

The Honest Abes are the ones who take a full 20ft pole up the backside when 100s of their sites plummet off the chart each time Google tries to redefine its algorithm based on what it thinks is fair.  The black hatters are flexible and nimble and are usually either untouched or capable of just setting up another operation in short time.

And the point was that the "by the book" lambs are pussies for considering black hatters beneath them.  That doesn't make either one honest or dishonest - they just have different ways of getting their needs met.

“ You Never Sphinn or Digg Your Own Posts Because of What People Might Think.”

Ok ok, I’ll Sphinn and Stumble this. Will that make you happy?

Why would it?  The article was about whe r not a blogger is a pussy.  Not whether or not I was happy with their status.

“ You Don’t Sphinn or Digg or Bump an Article That Mentions You Because You’re Afraid You’ll Be Accused of Doing It for Yourself.”

Actually, I have held the position of underdog most of my existence, so I actually agree with you on this one. Live and learn.
I had figured that out from the outset.  And I'm still not sure with what you precisely agree.

“ You’re Afraid to Use Something Like This!

Once again, back to #2 better have experimented with everything you’re saying or AT LEAST cite someone who HAS. That way, your readers have someone’s actual block to knock off if the tactics fail.” Maybe I am too busy trying to learn how to do it the right way the first time around.

It's a semi-automated aid for those who don't have the time or friends to submit to social media on the scale of those who got in first, spend hours there and have huge cliques of friends.  But your "trying to do it right the first way around" is the kind of condescension  to which I was referring.  Web2Submitter is not "the wrong way" - just like anything, it can be used or misused and the creators constantly promote responsible use.

You Don’t Take My Advice.”

Ok ok…maybe I’m just no there yet. Gimme time. But, hey! I’m Sphinning you! That oughtta count for something! *>) SORRY…DOES IT FEEL LIKE I AM YELLING??

Nope, I kinda like it. ;-)  Take your time and thanks for the Sphinn..

Thanks for letting me share. Oh, btw, I love your blog.:)

My pleasure, and thank you for the kind compliment.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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