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Friday, December 21, 2007

Making Entrecard Easier - Easy Access Widget Club


This is around number 7 in a growing list of Entrecard articles I've written to help make your Entrecard experience both more ENJOYABLE (Who Ever Thought A Traffic Widget Could Be So Funny?) and more EFFICIENT (10 Simple Ways to Squeeze the Most Out of Entrecard for Your Greater Advantage), for starters.

And this article is going to be short and sweet.

What follows is a list of Entrecard users whose widgets are at the TOP of their sites.  I want to REWARD this by making their sites known to everybody so that you can BOOKMARK THEM and go back to them regularly for some very quick chain dropping.  While searching or scrolling around for Entrecard widgets might not seem difficult or costly, in terms of time, it's just a fact that ANY activity that is repetitious feels a lot better when it's both smooth and fluid. 

So, if you have to stop every other page to scroll around searching for a widget that, for all you know, might not even load right away due to horrible placement and slow load times, then your card dropping experience is going to rapidly become less pleasant.


(please add any other sites that come to mind if they qualify)

And naturally, that's just for starters.
List any others you find in the comment section
And bookmark the ones above for quick, easy card dropping.

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22 comments: said...

Thanks for dropping your card at AndroidGuys!

Tim J. said...

Thanks for the Yimto Mention!

It's so true about good Entrecard placement. Most people think that by putting the widget in weird places, people will have to stay longer, look around for the widget, and maybe read their blog.

But I have found the exact opposite. When I see a widget right front and center, I am MUCH more inclined to check out the most recent post.

I am discovering a lot of great blogs with this system!

Sam Freedom said...

@tim, youre welcome. And I believe you are 100% right. If we get what we want right when we get there, we MIGHT continue on, but we also get satisfaction and that makes us more willing to see if the rest of the site is satisfying.

And, wise of you to stop by and comment. There's like 20 other links up there and so far, you are the only one to say thanks and show visitors that you are alive and participating. ;-)

Contamination said...

Woobie said...

I wasn't included but my widget is above the scroll line....

nickthrolson said...

All three of my blogs have the widget above the scroll line


LaTease Rikard said...

Thanks for dropping your card at

I agree. I hate having to look for a blogs' entrecard. It makes the experience seem too much like work.

Breezie said...

My widgets on both blogs are above the scroll line.

Devil's Advocate said...

What about all the people who stop by a site for only 3 seconds to drop the card off and don't click on the advertisement? The feeling I get here is that you guys only go to these sites to drop a card off and actally pay little or no attention to the ad itself. How do yo feel about getting non targeted traffic to your site? How much do you care or look at who's advertising?

Sam Freedom said...

@devils advocate - what about the people who stop by for 3 seconds? In my previous article, Advanced Entrecard - Increase Website Traffic With A Strong Alternative to Chain Dropping, I addressed that by explaining the mindset of chaindroppers as people who had WANTS and NEEDS, too. And rather than blaming THEM for chain dropping, or blaming ME for helping them find a better way to do what THEY want to do, you could put a link to something chain droppers would find attractive RIGHT UNDER THE ENTRECARD WIDGET.

And that's just for starters.

Stick with me, kid, I'll get you thinking outside the box in no time because it doesn't end there. Targeted traffic, untargeted traffic, no traffic, who cares, there's always a way to squeeze value out of anything.

In this case, you should be putting things on your site that benefit you any time a visitor comes through. What about blogtopsite directory buttons that boost your placement in the directory based on the number of visitors you have?

What about pay-per-play contextual ads?

Inside every chain dropper is a consumer waiting to be born, inside every consumer is a business owner waiting to be born.

Welcome to my world,

Devil's Advocate said...

Very well put.

Shari Thomas said...

Sam, I've got the widget above the fold on a blog that has no other direct outside advertising.

I really believe it's that valuable.

Shari Thomas

Jordan Pearce said...

What a great idea! Bookmarked and contributing to traffic. :)

Entrecard is one of my favorites too.

Blogs that Make Money

EJ said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the mention of my site!

I meant to stop by sooner, but with the kids, homeschooling, 2 Christmas parties hosted at my house and trying to keep up with my sites, I kept forgetting, so sorry.

Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season!

Life is Colourful said...

How about this one to be added to the list

Telling It Like It Is said...

I've been very surprised to find so many (not on your list) that have their widget waaaay down on their page. Not to mention the numerous blogs that load ever so s.l.o.w.l.y.

But thanks for this list! With just a couple of days using Entrecard, the traffic I've received and comments on various posts have been phenomenal!

Patrick Curl said... has entrecard above the scroll-line as well. Thanks!

Kim said...

mines in my header :) :)

Steve said...

I think this is supposed to be the new rule, that all widgets are above the fold. I think they have been reluctant to enforce it, but I won't run an ad on a site without a top of the page widget.

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