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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Watch Your List & Wallet Grow!

I'm guilty. And there's no denying it. For 3 years, I've plumbed the internet depths and have not implemented the one thing that every single successful marketer both uses and recommends without hesitation:


(If you're not much of a reader, but want to just go straight there and try the DEMO, then click here. But keep in mind, there's an additional bonus offered in this post that you won't hear about there.)

Before I blow your mind with the main reason behind this post, I'll give you the short of why, despite having a responsive mailing list of over 15,000 friendly people, I never had an affiliate program. Two reasons:

1) I grew up in a family business and, therefore, had the ability to directly influence business operations most of my life. Outsourcing my affiliate program to an unknown 3rd party just didn't settle right with me. Besides, I'd heard some horror stories from friends using 3rd party solutions.

2) I had never found a script that turned me on. And believe me, I know how to search. I'd found a bunch but they were always lacking in some features that, while not ESSENTIAL, provided MAJOR, MAJOR convenience. I wanted the power of an affiliate program but, on principle, I didn't want to get bogged down maintaining things that I thought any cognizant programmer should have included in the first place.

So while everyone who had an affiliate program was making money left and right practically on autopilot (Liz Tomey, for example, who came onto the internet scene AFTER me but soon blew by me in earnings after her first major sale using affiliate program), I was doing 10 times the work to make 1/10th the money.


It was only due to the fact that I really do love internet marketing with a passion that kept me in the game to the point where I began making significant returns. I remember my first $10,000 month yet Liz had already had a sale so huge that Paypal interrupted it just as a precaution! To say it was 3x what I was making a month was an understatement.



It didn't have all the bells and whistles, but still she had one. And one might say she had a lot of affiliates, but the truth is she had a joint venture broker bring in a ton of big hitter marketers for a percentage of the sale. So it ain't about whether or not you have a list. It's about whether or not you have an affiliate program in place because the NEXT best thing to having a BIG LIST is having an affiliate program. That opens you up to so many opportunities.

But her affiliate program script stunk. It wasn't HORRIBLE, but it had its glitches and inconveniences and, as I said, I didn't need the headache of a program that had less than 100% of the features I felt any sane marketer would love to have.

But That Just Changed...

And boy, if you could tell how really happy I am right now because once again, I'm on the inside, early notice of a product so hot, so effective and so incredible that it's literally going to transform my whole business!

So What Is It?!?!

Along came MerchantTracMX...when I first saw it, it too was missing some of those key features that I thought should make an affiliate program "too good to be true." but it pays to have lots of good friends. My good friend, Lamar Owens, told the owners that he was interested in the script but only if he could have all of those key features programmed in to make a super new version. From what I understand, the answer was "Sure!" on the condition that Lamar help promote it afterwards.

What a dream! Get the affiliate program of your dreams as long as you give it a strong promotion afterwards!

Naturally, He Agreed!

And THAT is what you're hearing about BEFORE anybody else... I mean that. As of this moment, you are hearing this BEFORE anyone else. And rollout is scheduled either for later this evening or tomorrow.

But WAIT...You Need to Know This!

MERCHANTTRACMX is not just an AFFILIATE PROGRAM. It's an affiliate program MEMBERSHIP script. OH YEA!!! That means not only will you have the best affiliate program in all existence, but you'll be able to sell memberships for others to use the exact same program and you'll receive PASSIVE INCOME from them MONTHLY!

You'll get the BEST affiliate program software ever created PLUS the ability to make residual monthly income selling memberships to others for whatever you want!

UPDATE: Launch IN PROGRESS!! - There's a $100 Discount plus Bonuses for the FIRST 200 copies! Here's the link again: MerchantTracMX - See What a Top Notch Affiliate Program Membership Script Looks Like!

PLUS: There are VIDEOS all throughout that explain all phases of internal setup for you AND your members. There is also a GUARANTEED TO WORK Install offer for a small, reasonable fee, and the first 200 to get it receive one heck of a BONUS!


Wishing you the best, as always,
Sam Freedom
PS. When you get your own Affiliate Program Membership Script, send me proof of purchase (mail it here) and I'll send you a rare gift that was only given out 1 other time in a very rare and big promotion.

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Liz Tomey said...

What? Giving away my secrets? *lol* Just kidding!

This is exactly what I've preached and preached. You don't HAVE to focus on your list if you are focusing on your affiliate program.

I've written ebooks about this, taught it in classes to other Internet marketers, and I'm constantly mentioning it in my newsletter.

If you have an affiliate program and actively go after new affiliates, you will be unstoppable!

Take Sam's advice... Take my advice.. Get an affiliate program.

I can't wait to see what this one can do. I may be trading in my old affiliate program for a new one.


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