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Saturday, February 04, 2006

12DailyPro - Our Condolences to Pepe IV

Poor Pepe IV. You don't know Pepe IV, but this picture was supposed to go into his scrap book as a glorious occasion. It was taken mere moments after Pepe pawned the highly collectible Zoot suit that his late father, Pepe III, left to him that he received from Pepe Jr. before Mexico had repopulated Texas and Arizona.

Pepe Jr had received it, decades prior, from a wealthy business man living just over the U.S. border, in exchange for veterinary-grade steroids and some highly prized jimson weed The suit has a current value of $6,000. Pepe IV used the $6,000, in the good name and honor of Pepe III and Pepe Jr., to buy the maximum number of upgrades allowed in 12DailyPro just before the companywas put under investigation and their assets frozen. Pepe IV was not available for follow-up photos, and rumor has it, from a Santeria priest, that Pepe Sr. is rolling over in his burial site at the ancient city of Tenochtitlan once inhabited by scores of Toltec shamans who, locals say, would have never approved of any of this.

Our condolences go out to Pepe IV."

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Phillipa said...

Dear Sam,

I find this melee quite bewildering. Perhaps I need an I.Q check.

In fact today, many who advertise on safelists would have received a sad farewell from a chap who had a business based on surf sites.

I have also recived an emails slating two other well known online banks. Perhaps, this puts webmast/mistresses into a quandary? What pay buttons do you put on your sites?

I live in South Africa and a certain bank does not pay out to this country and many others.

Well Sam, I cannot say that this furore has interrupted my afternoon siesta, but I sympathise with those have lost alot of dosh.

A smashing weekend to you,

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam ...

I decided a while back that there was a PROBLEM with Stormpay. The reason being ... they would not allow me to sign up for an account because I "LIVED IN TENNESSEE". The same State they are located.

This is a 'red flag' to me. Meaning that it would leave them wide open to more judicial happenings if 'screwing a person in same State'.

And so it goes ...


Sam Freedom said...

Interest, Art, thank you. I'm going to pass this on. That's amazing!


knottybacks said...

This "news" about Stormpay doesn't surprise me. I too have heard of "NAME" marketers having problems with Stormpay. Here's a challenge for all the folks who read Sam's blog, (even those who won't admit it). For those of you with the big bucks, & the connections both on & off line. How about setting up a banking system for all of us that's HONEST, & pays people the money owed them with out scamming or phishing people. Instead of crying over spilt milk, who's up for either rectifing the system or creating a new one that works? Cool cash, inmyhands relaxes knotty backs. Irene