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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Dear IMC Blog Reader,

Let it be known that I put my money where my mouth is. I have $6k sunk into 12DailyPro and unlike so many others, I am not even batting an eyelash. I did my due diligence. I scanned the web high and low and found only praise from people who showed pictures of their payments - week after week after week. Nothing but praise and utter astonishment.

I saw my friends leap in and, soon after, saw their Stormpay accounts significantly higher than when they first entered with big payments from 12DailyPro. So I did what any sane person would do: I accepted the risk from the outset. Steeled myself as if my money was totally gone and then just prayed for the best - in the context of having done due diligence and concluding it was a worthy risk. I even figured in my head how such a business model could really work (in a nutshell, take phase 1 private and use them as a sales force of 350,000 people, trained to spend, get referrals and watch ads, to recruit "customers" for Phase 2, etc. That's the short of it, but I am completely confident such a model CAN work and is not necessarily the FEARED Ponzi.)

So who'd have guessed that STORMPAY which had been solid for so long, which had taken on all of the disillusioned, disenchanted psychologically crippled people left in Paypal's wake... who would expect Stormpay would be the one to scream CODE RED and ball up into the internet's version of an Armadillo?

Anyways, here are 2 of the latest 12DailyPro posts. Their communication has been pretty impressive. You know, what doesn't "kill you, makes you stronger." and here they are saying, "Now we're going to prove to you that we're for real!" Frankly, even if I lose my money, I'm getting off cheap. You can't buy an education like this! Or maybe it's just my Napoleonic Hillian positive attitude that has never ever let me down...or maybe it's both!

Anyways, READ ON...!!!

"Stormpay Manipulations - by Charis - 12DP Admin at 2006-02-02 13:22:46

From what we can tell, it seems that StormPay may not in their bank account enough funds to cover the withdrawal we requested and thus could possible be using the account suspension as a smoke screen for their inability to pay us our requested funds.

It seems they may have fabricating the existance of some kind of investigation and suggesting that our account has been 'frozen' in an effort to deflect attention from their ability to pay us. We have verified that none of our other payment processing accounts, nor our bank accounts has been frozen. Those accounts are perfectly fine. We find it very curious that the only financial account we have open that is currently frozen is with a company that has found one excuse after another to pay us a large deposit we requested weeks ago.

We assume their tactic is to breed fear among members in an attempt to get them to place chargebacks so they only have to pay out to individual members in small amounts at a time and thus NOT have to pay us the large lump sum that we requested beacause they mau not have the funds in place to cover such a large withdrawal.

We are still researching and gathering information and will provide more as we have it. "

"I am personally crossing my fingers and wishing the best outcome for all of us involved. 12DP is truly a life changing program for us *little people* and I hope they will come out of this as strong as they always have with past issues. I have great respect for Charis and 12DP .

It is unfortunate that such good programs have to depend upon payments processors like this one... I would hope that if at all possible 12dp would consider an in-home solution that will protect them - and us - in the future from these sort of manipulations." (respondent's name withheld)

"Posted: Thu Feb 2nd, 2006 05:05 pm

Stormpay Developments - by Charis - 12DP Admin at 2006-02-02 16:42:15

We have done some additional research and as you may have noticed, we have come to some decisions regarding our current issues with Stormpay.

We did everything we could to meet and live up to StormPay's blackmail attempts on Monday. We removed EMO, a payment processor with who we have a very solid relationship. At StormPay's demand, we completely eliminated all choice for our members of payment processors and put our business in a very difficult postition. After all of that, it seems that we have been betrayed.

The existance of 12daily Pro has profited StormPay over the course of the months perhaps more than any other of their clients or users combined. They seem to now have a problem with autosurf; we find it curious that they didn't have a problem with taking our money. We have learned that StormPay has suspended many other autosurfs as well witin the past couple of days. It appears they may also be sending out libelous answers to members questions about why we were suspended.

We want to let you know that we have decided to become proactive in this matter, after a full day has passed with no explanation from them of why our account has been suspended. Our attorney has submitted a letter to their attorney via email explaining our postion and requesting a response. Barring a legitimate explanation by Stormpay within a timely manner, we will be filing immediate legal action to recover all our funds by legal force if necessary so we can meet our responsibilities to all of our StormPay members in a timely fashion. We will update you on the progress of this matter. We promise to fight them to the death for money that rightfully belongs to you and us.

In the meantime, since our account has been locked, we cannot at this time make any StormPay payments. We also have been denied by StormPay the withdrawal of funds that we earmarked for the funding of our EMO account. So, this evening we will have to weigh a lot of factors in determining how we will structure a recovery plan for our Stormpay funds as well as determine an ammeanable and fair payment schedule for all members with currently pending withdrawals.
We will have some answers for you on this by midday tomorrow.

In the meantime, we have enabled EMO upgrades again, staff will be focusing on support tickets and the launch of the new program hopefully later tomorrow.

We need you all to understand that this is a very difficult situation which we never could have predicted. There will be a lot of change and uncertainty in the coming days. But know we are doing all we can to insure that StormPay does not bring this program down nor take advantage of members that we have spent months caring for.

We completely understand that you are all concerned as we are as well. We ask for your support and patience at this time. Rest assured we are here working our butts off for you. You can help by not creating more work by staff with support tickets about these issues. We will update the membership as a whole as developments arise in the member news area, so please check it often for new postings.

We will not let anyone destroy this program that our staff and all of you have worked so hard to build.

NOW is the time when we PROVE we are pros!
(Note from Sam: YOU GO GIRL!!!)

ps. Note from here's a chance to play FREE 3D Online Golf for CASH AND PRIZES!!

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Anonymous said...

yeah, i just lot $1200. . .hoping for the best though. ..

Anonymous said...

i had a group of friends in $15K deep (over like 10 ppl). and i hate to laugh, but this was so obviously a scam. they all knew it was (we're all college educated) but they were hoping to get in one or two cycles and then get out... and they were all due to finish their first cycle today. WOW.

Anonymous said...

3000 thousand percent profit a year, If thats substainable then why isn't even wall street broker a member.

Be interesting to see if 12 pro gets their funds released and every member requests a payout what happens, I've done a bit of investing in my life and I thought 360 percent profit on some shares in 1987 was a good return . This investment was in a company with solid assets, not run out of a apartment block and even they couldn't substain that rate a year later you couldn't even sell the shares for ten percent of the orginal price.

Hopefully for all members you at the very least get your funds back , but more importantly I hope you learn a lesson , If it looks to good to be true it probaly isn't and this applies even more to trading on the net.

Anonymous said...

12DP does NOT pay 3000% profit a year. It is a MATH GAME. This was the same quote by an ABC4 news story reporter who knows nothing about the program (and very little about math for that matter). So let's do a little math here, shall we?
If I were to put $100 into 12DP on day 1 and surfed everyday. On day 12, my account would show $144. Account balance starts at 0 (12days surfing * 12%/day = 144%). Principle is NOT returned. It takes 12DP up to 7 business days to actually pay me. So we can fairly say it takes 20 days for my upgrade to mature. Since my principle is not returned, profit is actually 44% per 20 day period. This brings things down to about 2.2% per day or 803% per year.
Now, this is still a very high ROI but can be sustainable for quite some time given 12DP's massive growth and flawless payment record.

Sam Freedom said...

Skepticism can be a healthy thing when it's tempered with reason. For example, the previous poster attempts to enlighten the one prior with some good ideas to think about it.

If you're of the mind that anything that resembles 12DailyPRO must be a ponzi, then you resing yourself to being Robert Kiyosaki's "Poor Dad".

None of this intends to say that 12DailyPro is legitimate or not, but only that with the advent of the internet there ARE ways that those in the know can offer high returns...even if it makes no sense to the 9 to 5 banking types.

ps. I just blogged a related article on this topic:
The Case for a Sustainable 12DailyPRO

Anonymous said...

350,000 Members? -- Not Likely!
They probably only had about 3,000 Members Tops!