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Friday, February 10, 2006

Sam Freedom Supports Denmark!

Enough of the Madness!!
Warning! Do not click the picture!

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For those of you who are just "happening" onto the scene, welcome. This has been, by tradition, a blog about internet marketing. It thrives amidst an "internet marketing subculture" which, even many of those in it will attest to, embodies its own special brand of madness.

Products' values are often exaggerated, original advertisements are copied and resent to us countless times ad nauseum, we're basically regarded as a flock of sheep, and those of us in this arena, if we are honest, will admit that quite often we think and act like a flock of sheep. Those who imagine otherwise will, at worst be offended, and at best will go off in search of others similarly in denial.

But our own little circle of craziness pales, and begins to even take on a kind of "cuteness", in comparison to a madness that is creeping across the land. There is an assault on the right to free speech. One culture that systematically endorses killing people for perceived offenses is trying to subvert a culture that supports, for better or worse, an individual's right to speak freely in a system that will not put that person to death for his or her views.

There comes a time when the comfortable road we once travelled forks, and we can no longer go straight ahead. We must decide which fork to take. We may delay the choice for as long as we can, even until it is virtually forced upon us, but choose we must. You must pick and your actions must follow your words because " their fruits ye shall know them."

It's not the government to blame. It's not the Muslims to blame. It's not Islam or Christianity or Jews to blame. Blame is truly the mark of the powerless. Instead, we need to hold ourselves accountable and realize that good words are not enough. It is deeds that matter, and if we are to blame anything, let it be ourselves for being complacent and not shoring up our words with supportive deeds.

At least, by blaming ourselves, we can do something about it. If you begin to change, then the whole equation changes. Some forces will attempt to recalibrate the situation, perhaps even personally attacking you, but what good is it to go around saying you believe one thing, and then doing another? Who will respect someone like that? Only others who don't do what they say will find another hypocrite attractive.

So, for starters, my blog is marked. I'm going to be supporting my Danish allies for a while. I won't presume to tell anyone else what to do, but that is what I'm doing in light of current events. One Danish newspaper is not the Country of Denmark. So let's wake up - there is a much larger war going on than you probably even know.

Feel free to copy the flags for your own use. And even if it never occurred to you to purchase something Danish this week, please have a look at the Danish websites below and perhaps, instead of wasting $97 on another trumped up Mark Joyner manual, you'll go on, what I call, "THE BIG ADVENTURE" and try something new. Like order something. What a surprise it will be to discover what Danish food is really like and how much you actually enjoy it!

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Sam Freedom
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Thomas Kopriva said...

Hello Sam,

You're right. Freedom of Speech is under attack in the world and this country. Although the cartoons may have been somewhat distasteful, especially to the Muslim faith, they were trying to prove a point.

The correlation between the Islamic and terrorist factions. Our founding fathers here in the USA, wrote an amendment to protect freedom of speech, and guess what? Political or editorial cartoons came under that protection.

I don't think the whole country of Denmark should be punished, especially just for one newspaper's opinions. We should respect each others faiths, but all I hear about when Islamic Jihadists bomb children and their own people is religious quotes, Go with God, in Arabic, and don't forget the widespread fallacy of the 72 virgins waiting for the young man or boy whom commits these heinous crimes.

I don't want to offend anyone here. The real Islamic or Muslim faith teaches not killing, but PEACE, and is totally against violence.

Yes, we should support Denmark, they are one of our allies. I think people are taking the cartoons the wrong way.

Well, Sam. Keep up the good work! I always love your off the cuff remarks and unbridled opinions of the world events and also your controversial, well written, and humorous comments and emails.

Thanks for the interesting reads and the helpful insights on internet marketing, free advertising, traffic generation, and your excellent recommendations on how to succeed on the internet in your own home business.

Proven affordable strategies and secrets to get massive traffic to your web site within minutes!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,

I applaud you for speaking out. I dunno what the world's coming to! So much insanity over a bunch of cartoons??????

Most of the planet would never even have heard about it if such a fuss hadn't been made.

Why anyone would want people dead over a cartoon is beyond me. If it offends can't those offended just turn the other cheek and ignore it - that way it would have gone away quietly and 99.999% of the planet would never have heard of it.

I don't know much about religions but what religion advocates killing people? Over cartoons???!!!!!

May peace, reason and sanity prevail. oh, and how about a sense of humor... for everyones sake.

Phillipa said...

Dear Sam,

Good show for putting this page up.

I this over reaction of a small of a small percentage of zealot groups behaving like savages is quite disgraceful. Hence, the dominino effect has created unrest on a a global scale. Thus supplying an excellent platform for those with an agenda.

Also creating job creation for building contractors.

My God, Jesus Christ, is mocked every day, through several mediums. Imagine if those who worshipped Jesus Christ reacted this way and went banana's?

I reside in a country, often called the 'rainbow nation,' thanks to Neslon Mandela. (South Africa) We recognise II official languages and respect each other's faith and beliefs. Notably, in some first word counries I have visited in Europe I have encountered racism practised in amore subtle way. I digress.

Freedom of the press should be a fundamental right, no matter what corner of the world we live in.

A good weekend to you Sam,

Michael said...


Once again, you come out swinging with no holds barred! Freedom of speech is an unalienable right for those of us residing in the USA, granted by our Constitution. This puts into perspective the fact that some areas of the world are not as fortunate. Although Denmark does grant this freedom to its citizens, the country is now under political attack from muslim extremists and left-wing liberal freaks the world over. Whatever happened to the days of old when political cartoons were all the rage?

Keep up the good work!

PS - I noticed your technorati tags for this post ... I would be interested from a internet marketing standpoint if they help generate additional traffic from the added exposure caused by this current events posting.

Paloma said...

Kudos Sam, Obviously mama didn't raise you to be no shrinking violet. (I suspect had you been alive during the days of Kent State you would've been there.)However, if I may quote from our local paper: thr Golbe & Mail:
" One thing is certain, Mohammed himself would proabaly found the cartoons amusing, for we are told he had a great sense of humour. We also know what his suggested response to this insult would have been: Let Muslim newspapers print cartoons showing Danish Cartoonists' ignorance of our religion. For the ethics of Islam are based on "limits & proportion" & perscribe something approxinating an eye ofr an eye when it comes to retribution. Fear & Ignorance are a deadly combination." (Globe&Mail Feb 11th 2006) While I believe the hysteria over these cartoons doesn't reflect the widespread views of moderate Muslims, The "hotheads" should remember what happened the last time hysteria overtook the woprld. Even Holocaust naysayers can't not deny the proofs of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Although if you can deny 6 million in the camps & cremetorium then I guess you can deny Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Paloma

Dave said...


Thanks for having the 'nads to speak the truth... political correctness is all about running from reality so you dont have to deal with it, but dealing with it is something the WEST has done for quite a while... perhaps even better than most.

I dont buy the peaceful Islam crud, and nothing could be more dangerous for anyone to believe, but that is MY opinion, freely shared, just as you share yours. I intend to support DENMARK in any way possible.

Thanks again for giving a damn, and I loved YOUR cartoon!

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