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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Internet Marketing and Breasts

(Great, here come all the guys searching porn tags at Technorati)

So pardon me ladies, but the question begs to be asked, "Just what does non-adult, mainstream internet marketing have to do with breasts?" Until today, I thought the answer was "Not much." Listen, maybe I'm just a boob who needs to get this off his chest, but I really needed to know. So, I called my bosom buddy, "Ben", a dedicated upper torso aficionado and invited him to lunch, from which I began to relay the events that brought me to this unsettling question:

"Ben," I began, "you know I spend quite a bit of time on the internet, right? I surf 100s, perhaps even 1000s of pages each day in search of the latest and the greatest, right? When I'm researching ad copy, checking out offers, and viewing testimonials, the only women I see are mainly post-menopausal women with some kind of flowery maternity gown on praising ebooks.

Either that, or they're mostly only head shots or distance shots and just about anything other than what I was about to find....bare with me."

I turned his laptop so he could see it as I started typing in a web address. "So is it a coincidence when in one day, I come across not only ONE busty testimonial...

....but TWO?!?



So I'll lose a few readers. So what? In light of the recent Mohammed cartoons (nice segue into a popular technorati tag), I figure it's more important than ever to let my pert and perky side out for a day or two, to cleave myself from the Tree of Political Correctness, to just BUST out and enjoy the right to free spreech that my ancestors died so that I could have.

So grab some JUGS of wine! And, grab some CANS of beer! And let us give a toast to INTERNET MARKETING, BREASTS and FREE SPEECH!


Ben? BEN?! C'mon, snap out of it, Ben...

Warm wishes on this nippy winter day,
Sam Freedom
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Anonymous said...

All I can say is that the prolonged snow & cold is getting to the man. Not to mention the man sounds to be in serious need of a new girlfriend, ;~)!

Anonymous said...

That's alright, P. I know who you are. How's next Friday at 9?

Uncleshag said...

I need a new headlight for my '00 Plymouth Voyager. The passenger side is woefully inadequate, especially in the dark. Perhaps I should get a new set of headlights.

What say you about Beemers?


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