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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Controversy At the Semmys - A Scene Out of Deliverance

Welcome to the SAMMYS
Sam Freedom's Version of

Cruising through Sphinn, I found a controversial marketing sphinn for an Andy Beard post, titled, "The Semmys - Highly Controversial Just As It Should Be" and, naturally, seeing the word "controversial", my brow involuntarily raised. Surely, a REAL controversy blogger, like myself, would be included in there somewhere. Right?

After all, I AM number 10 in Google for "controversial marketing" - and without even trying. Right?

However, I don't actually write about controversial marketing directly - I leave that to the academics. As the saying goes,

"Those Who Can't DO, Teach."

Plainly and simply, at the risk of sounding like a marriage contract - I DO. The internet is rife with examples of my controversial marketing - some easily found, others not. The fact that I don't publicize log stats and various earnings testifies more to my intent to both not reveal "trade secrets" and also to not get people artificially hyped up about their personal potential.

The "controversial" marketing that most people think of as controversial marketing is very tame and all nicey-nice, indeed. - like on the level of running into the middle of a big meeting, calling everyone a "pee-pee head" and then running back to their blog to field complaints.

But It Just Ain't So...
It's A Little Bit More Involved Than That

"boy sure got a purty site, ain't he?"

But it really makes me want to pat such wanna-be miscreants on their skulls and say, "How cute! Ok, now run along!" Because, as Chris Brogan likes to repeat more times than Rain Man, controversial marketing (like social media) is ALSO...

"...about the conversation"
"...about the conversation"
"...about the conversation"
"...about the conversation"

So I'm Opening Up a Conversation With You

This Was A Conversation, Right?

That being said, not a-one of my illustrious posts were anywhere to be found on the Semmys site. Now, I've Sphunn, Stumbled, Dropped and Tweeted my way into the New Year just like everyone else but what I found, instead, was nothing short of...

A SEM-ified Scene Out of the Movie "Deliverance"

In other words, the SEM crowd kept it, for the most part, "in the family" - they all "did it" with each other.

So what's a REAL controversial marketer to do except...

...Be Controversial!

That's right, rather than just peeking into the big incestuous gala and continuing on my way, I've decided to inject MY deserving articles into the SEMMYs my OWN way... by creating...

...The SAMMYs!

Essentially, the SAMMYs are almost the exact same as "the SEMMYs" except each category includes one of MY articles that should have belonged in there in the first place. As I'd told Matt McGee, if a certain percentage of fresh, new faces from OUTSIDE the community were included, it might have the effect of enriching the community as opposed to, once again, publicizing all the same old names we see day-in and day-out in the Sphinn Zone...

So Now, Without Further Ado... I present to you...


Get Your Vaseline Out, Google Is At It Again! (re: Paid Links)


Oh, It's Gonna Be A Click Fraud Christmas...!


Wikipedia - Google's Anna Nicole Smith

Blogs & Blogging
10 Reasons Why You Might Be a Pussy Blogger
Comment Whoring Outside the Box

Link Building

PayPerJokes Crime and Google Does Evil - My First Review

Social Media

A Quick Jaunt Into Data Mining on Twitter


Warning! Big Twitter Is Watching YOU!

LOL Funny!

5 Undeniable Reasons Why Chitika Linx Probably
Won't Be Working Out on My Internet Marketing Blog

Online Marketing / General

The Battle for Your Brain...!

Reputation Management

Persona Non Grata Sam Freedom

Viral Marketing

So, Bigmouth, You Think You Know Viral Marketing?

Good luck to Everyone and Congrats to the Judges:

Aaron Wall Andrew Shotland Andy Beal Andy Beard Barry Schwartz Bill Slawski Brad GeddesChris Winfield Christine Churchill David Mihm Deb Mastaler Eric Enge Jeff Quipp Jennifer Laycock John Andrews Lee Odden Lisa Barone Logoworks Loren Baker Matt McGee Michael Gray Rand Fishkin Simon Heseltine Stoney deGeyter Sugarrae Tamar Weinberg Todd MalicoatVanessa Fox

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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Turnip said...

Hasn't this link farm sprouted any comments yet? I vote for your entire back catalog to win a Sammy.

Igor The Troll said...

Sam you crack me up!
Why are you Ticked Off.

They did not pick you..:)

Sam Freedom said...

@turnip - thank you, it's obvious you have good taste. ;-)

@igor - ticked off? lol cmon, dude, do I have to increase the font size of my blog title just for you????

Debra Mastaler said...

You made me laugh out loud and it's 5:50 in the morning...

Sam Freedom said...

@Debra -

Well, we have a kinship in that we are both defying all sensibility and using the blogspot url (soon to change!)

But thank you... most of the people in the realm I just satired, I think, take themselves just a little too seriously and it's just gosh darn nice to hear from someone who both enjoys and understands.

Thanks Deb,

theGypsy said...

OK bro..... where do I send the cash to get in on one of these bad assed awards??? I am tellin ya... need a freakin badge like you wouldn't freakin believe... he he... that's a lot of palms to grease

Nice rant dude...


Sam Freedom said...

@thegypsy -

;-) I'm no longer surprised at how seriously people still take themselves. It's like they should set an egg timer to go off every 3 minutes when they're surfing so they remember to wake up.

SEO Dubai said...

Sam you are genius. Know plzzz stop I can’t laugh any more, because I feel pain in my stomach.

Czech-Netz said...

Alright! Let's try to be controversial. I think it is not that hard :)

city-of-hotels said...

Don't agree with the previous comment at all - let's just be a bit tolerant and respect each others point of view!It's harder of course but anyway!

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