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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just Say NO Daddy to GoDaddy!

Bob Parsons, owner of big fish domain registrar,, is crying "personal foul" over FOX's refusal to air one of his racy commercials during the nationally televised SuperBowl.

Just a few days ago, Bob wrote a kind of boo-hoo post that was only marginally above the juvenile tone we've heard, as of late, from the likes of "Girls Gone Wild" founder, Joe Francis, who is currently imprisoned.

With the logic of a disturbed 9-yr old, Bob explains that using the term "beaver" while referring to a "stuffed beaver" is really about a "stuffed beaver." Now, how many of you really think it's about a "stuffed beaver?"

Congratulations, You Get a Cookie.

Anyways, instead of rehashing the whole event, here's my reply to Bob amidst all the usual "You go, Bob!" fanatics.

Are you serious, Bob?

Do you really not get this to the extent that you can't even appreciate the other side of the coin? I can appreciate that meatheads love to party 'round football games - I was once one of 'em. But I can also appreciate that sports are also a family event and lots of kids watch the games, too.

Now, I'm not down for LEGISLATING morality but if a TV network wants to make the call on what THEY think is good or bad for its viewing audience, I'm ok with that. And, thankfully, they're smart enough to not cave to this sophomoric nonsense that calling a real, stuffed "beaver" has anything to do with beavers at all.

They know that even an 8th grader is smarter than you when it comes to that - even the 8th grader would know what you meant.

Do You Know Why, Bob?

Because others like you were allowed to do it BEFORE you somewhere else and so the kid picked up on it. And I think it's ok for people with conservative values to fight back a little before "poor me and my freedom of speech" people like you further erode peoples' dignity and their perception of women.

As regards the Victoria Secret's ad they are allowing, lingerie is lingerie... it can be sexy and classy. Making jokes about "beaver" is low-class and crude. Y'wanna make a joke about it to your buddies, go ahead. Y'wanna air it on national TV during prime-time when families with young kids are watching it, go...

"choke your chicken."

It's really about a chicken, right?


Should ads that, quite clearly, refer to women's vagina as "beaver" be allowed to air during nationally televised sports events just because they've done so cleverly? Remember, we're not talking about 11pm or 12pm but during prime time family viewing and KIDS do happen to love sports. Is FOX within its rights to reject such ads? And even if you don't like FOX for political reasons, can you be objective and see why they would allow a classy Victoria Secrets ad while disallowing an ad that objectified women's genitalia as animals?

Kudos to you, Bob Parsons - you made it onto Sam Freedoms Internet Marketing Controversy Blog.

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Contamination said...

Sam, you are spot on with that.

I don't want my son to be influenced by such innuendo by some internet mogul. I'll do it myself when I feel he's ready!

Keep up the great work mate.

Jordan Pearce said...

Don't the networks have freedom of speech when it comes to deciding what airs and what doesn't?

Hire clever writers who don't need to use potty humor to make sales. Talk about dumbing down a demographic.

If I don't like what someone has to say don't I have every right to speak up and out against it.

Duh! He concluded his own argument, whatever it was, about freedom of speech.

ryan said...

Haha, you know any time you get involved with GoDaddy and commercials it is a bad idea. Bob Parsons isn't the most intelligent man on the planet, but he does have something to contribute. If he wants to try and screen a commercial that is shitty, let him, it shall get rejected and he will make a new one.

Sam Freedom said...

@contamination - I know, I mean what is wrong with that guy? If he had any class, he'd do just an awesome funny ad that pointed people to his website then he'd have something fun, racy or interactive at his site that they could CHOOSE to see there rather than having it forced on them at half-time.

@jordan - all lovers of the US Constitution, what inspired it, and what it stands for, know that the freedom of speech protections were not meant so that the Bob Parsons of the world could take a huge dump on kids minds by degrading women. They were meant so that those very few who had something useful to say would definitely get the opportunity to say it. It was to protect the shining stars amongst us and the rest either catch-on or run around in circles complaining of unfair treatment.

@ryan - it's totally ironic though, since, I believe, Godaddy is the only domain registrar with a spam policy. If you get spam complaints, they can (and have) shut down your domain activity until it is resolved! It happened to a friend who paid $80k for a website and the domain was still in the old owners name for a while. When the complaint came, the old owner was on some tropical island enjoying his $80k and couldnt be reached so the highly trafficked website was out of commission for like 5 days costing my friend 1000s of dollars.

So Bob Parsons can get involved in peoples lives to that extent even BEFORE knowing what they are really up to... but he can't tolerate a national tv network trying to filter nasty suggestions from their prime time viewers? lol


Anonymous said...

just to point out :

the ad is intended to stick in your mind


The ad is intended to cause controversy ( as we can see on this blog and many others, free advertising for godaddy )


and, a world that turns down a ad because of a word that is NOT naughty or dirty.... well, i doubt your kids would have even had the slightest idea what they were talking about ( what about Shrek! do you got a problem with Disney's Adult humor in kid movies?? well, you probably do )

just thought i would point out the obvious

Sam Freedom said...

Duh, just in case you didn't notice, that's why I wrote about it, duh, because it's controversial, duh. And there's controversy that is demonstrative and thoughtful and there is controversy that is potentially influencing young, impressionable minds in a lewd and lascivious manner that can negatively color their value system for the rest of their lives, duh.

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