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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Make MASSIVE Money Online Using Entrecard - The Missing Ingredient!

It's not often I hate someone online much less a business, but when they do something absolutely amazing and forget to call me first, it's a bit of a challenge to not go postal. But I can let that go since what I'm about to show you is "the missing ingredient" that will allow you, and many others, to

Massively Monetize Your Entrecard Experience

Those who've been following my gallivanting over the past five years know very well...

There's Not A Whole Lot That Really Impresses Me

In the 5 years I've been working online, plus the 30 years working in my family's uber-successful business, I've developed not only a "sixth sense" about opportunities but a "seventh" and an "eighth." In short,

Anyone who has visited my blog these past couple of months knows that one of them is

monetizing entrecard logo


Because Entrecard provides "the little guys and gals" MASSIVE benefit in terms of

  • more targeted traffic than most new or low-budget bloggers have ever experienced;
  • loads of untargeted traffic which can still, quiet easily, be harnessed and made useful;
  • social networking via the forums and shop and it's all FREE...; plus
  • incredible 3rd party synergies like the one I'm mentioning next...

monetize project wonderful logo


The cat is out of the bag on this one, though it's not "the missing ingredient." While Project Wonderful is not limited to Entrecarders, they are catching on by the droves. Because Project Wonderful...

  • allows brand new bloggers to get a fast taste of what it's like to monetize their blogs;
  • allows intermediate and advanced bloggers to auction prime real estate at decent prices;
  • gives Entrecarders greater advertising reach not only on more Entrecarders blogs but countless people across the Project Wonderful landscape

Even those once dreadful "chaindroppers" that many Entrecarders don't know whether to love or hate.. are stopping to look around a little bit longer to see if there's any good Project Wonderful-related advertising opportunities available on blogs they're passing by - especially if they can see the Project Wonderful ad blocks near the Entrecard widget.

So, If That Was It, Things Would Still Be Pretty Grand...

Because what impresses me THE MOST are...


"The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects."

So, Here It Is...

Listen closely now... because this is where even the least amongst us has the opportunity to start a huge avalanche of income just by rolling one tiny little stone. I have praised Entrecard up and down, IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, because it has done something for ALL ITS MEMBERS such that even the LEAST ESTABLISHED bloggers are in a supremely better position to grow rapidly than the 100s of 1000s of non-Entrecard bloggers starting up every day.

Most of them are just dying for the traffic that even the LEAST of Entrecarders gets to his or her blog every day.

So Where's the Money?

But, how are MOST bloggers, let alone the newest bloggers, going to make any REAL money just toolin' around Entrecard and placing Project Wonderful Ad Blocks on their site that probably won't even sell for 3 cents in the beginning?


Right Here,
Doing Something We All Already Do

(Well, hold on just a sec...)


  • Entrecard keeps loading up the barrel with more and more fish every single HOUR of every single DAY;
  • Project Wonderful, whether or not you actually make significant money from it, gives you unfettered access to both very highly-traveled Entrecard AND non-Entrecard blogger's blogs for a very, very reasonable daily fee... and sometimes for NOTHING.

Just like someone got to advertise on your Entrecard widget for 2 credits when it was new, you can EASILY get to advertise on new blogs at Project Wonderful for mere PENNIES! And if you spy a blog that gets 15,000 hits per day, it's absolutely worth spending up to $10 for a day, or more to get your ad on it...


IF You Have a Place to Send Them That Will Pay You For It Big Time and for a Long Time


Right Here
10 Levels Deep...

...And For Doing What You Already Always Do.

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Contamination said...

Hi Sam, it looks like a great site for people who use social networking sites. (But I don't use SNSs...)

Still I appreciate the promotion of ProjectWonderful, more users on the network means more advertisers etc..

And FURTHERMORE I appreciate your message through the PW site, but (a )your minimum bid is a little rich for my blood and (b) I am philosophically opposed to the idea of setting an arbitrary price.

I favor letting the market decide what a spot on my site is worth. But that's what I believe, I won't expect you to think the same way.

BECAUSE at the end of the day we are both working towards the same goal, individually we are promoting EC & PW, that helps both of us.

Remember what I've said about supporting sites that link to you?

My Blog links to you, so anything that's good for me ends up being good for you in return.

Thomas L said...

Yuwie sounds a bit similar to myLot?

Ross Johnson said...

I bought all 3 of your ads.. why? because I can..

Monster12 said...

hey hey,
i have an entercard for you.
cant find your email, so reply to me on entrecard! i want to see what you think. )

Sweet Mummy said...

Hey Sam - I found Project Wonderful before I read this post. I like it, especially for a small time noob like me.

On another subject, if you care for such things... I have tagged you in the Chain Drop 8 Above The Fold Entrecard Meme. Enjoy!

homecare said...

hi, Sam
wonderful project

liveon said...

hello Sam - I found Project Wonderfulderful and i will use it.

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Make Money Online said...

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