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Monday, January 14, 2008

Who ELSE Wants to Advertise on Peter Foti's Forehead??

You heard me right. I'm bidding on someone's forehead.

But not just ANYONE'S forehead; I'm bidding on Peter Foti's forehead.

Now who is Peter Foti?

I don't know but, now, we've entered into a precarious relationship where no one knows who will get more benefit if my winning bid prevails. Will Peter Foti's blog see a massive spike in traffic due to the Sam Freedom phenomenon? Or will Sam Freedom's blog see a massive spike in traffic from either bidding on, or winning, Peter Foti's "Buy My Forehead!" experiment? Or both?!?!?!?

Who can sayyy? Who can sayyy?

But, if *I* were Peter Foti and *I* were selling space on my forehead, I would create a whole new website called, "" and not only CONTINUE to sell my forehead space long into the future, but also create a running gallery of all photos displaying all winners' website addresses on my forehead.

Not only would that increase the chances of the Peter Foti forehead buying experiment catching on - whether from some news organization desperate to fill their 1% quota of feel-good news - or from a bunch of bloggers with reach (cough, cough), picking up the story and blogging about it, but it would also give potential head buyers more of an incentive to bid. Imagine, when Peter Foti's forehead goes viral, the photo of your ad would be seen by millions!

But That's Only If *I* Were Peter Foti
Because *I* Would Do That

In fact, you all could use something cool and fun to blog about right now, couldn't you? Well, why not write a little post about Sam Freedom's bidding experiment on Peter Foti's forehead experiment and that way, you can tell your grandchildren, "I made it happen...."

Go Ahead, Make It Happen....

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email marketing said...

I think this could be THE next internet marketing it thing! Sadly Amazon will come in and buy the whole forhead, and little people like me will be stuck with adverts on other less prime parts of the body.

Sam Freedom said...

@email - like armpits

Woobie said...

i regret that i missed the event that sparked this interesting idea.

as usual, Sam is at the forefront of a very unique and creative internet advertising err... system.

I'm telling you all this with a straight face.

Jessica Quackers said...

People used to do this with GMail invites when they first came out. Entrecard should buy into it.

Buddy and His Mom said...

the beagalulu has bid! This is so bizarre, I can't believe I just bid.

BadEvan said...

Well Sam it looks like Peter took your advice...

He started up
Now, right a post about how he can improve his efforts by making the site look better.

I can't believe the whole forehead ad thing is still going on...Maybe I should try

Sam Freedom said...

@woobie -

But you haven't missed the event that sparked this idea. Well, maybe the original forehead auction way, way back, but I linked to the actual auction and it's still under way. Beagalulu is going to break me!

@Jessica -

What did people do with GMAIL invites that is anything like putting someone's ad on your forehead?

@beagalulu -

Ay! I was hoping everyone would root for me and, if commenting here, would get in on any publicity, no matter how minor, if eventually the event got any. But you are bidding against yourself really because I'd turn that ad spot into a community benefit...

Either way, may the best dog win!
Ok Dog Lady, Bring It On!

@BadEvan -

I really hope I haven't led the poor, young man into an effort of futility, HOWEVER, I'll not only keep a positive attitude, but I think it will be a fun exercise for him and, with an appreciation for unintended consequences, some, well, unintended things might occur. ;-)

Here's his newest post on it

Contamination said...

When are you going to get a domain?
$10US for a year with free privacy!

Life & Lawns said...

Sounds like a big link farm ta muy!
Anybody hungry for Gorilla Susi?

Sam Freedom said...

@jdonuts -

I happen to own over 250 domains, lol. There was a reason I kept this one at blogger but I'm ready to move now and am working on it, thanks.

@LifenLawn -

I think you mean the NEXT post? But anyways, the difference between anything I would do with 100s of links and what GS did was I wouldn't pilfer 1000 branded icons and urls off the Entrecard All cards page and/OR put them into a VIRAL meme!

Huge difference... hang in there, you'll catch on!

lankapo said...

mm after this I believe more people will introduce other part of their body to be advertise :)

mikster said...

Kind of reminds of of the woman who had an advert tattooed on her forehead a few years ago for 10k. I just can't remember the full details of it. (It's hell to get old and forgetful.)

MarketingDeviant said...

Interesting! I wrote an article about human ad space too haha. You guys can check it out
This can become a new industry =D.

Teasa's Tips said...

interesting. Maybe an auction to advertise on my hand. Each finger would be available for advertising.

testking 70-290 said...

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