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Friday, January 04, 2008

First Ever Entrecard FOOTBALL SQUARES Contest!

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"I see so many of the same old same contests, but this is, honestly, the most innovative Entrecard contest yet. Genius idea." ~ Fantasy Baseball

Taking Entrecard Contests 3 Links Up the Food Chain!

entrecard contest - football squares!

16-20 Chances to Win 26 Prizes!
Plus TWO Backlinks to Your Sites!

What Are Football Squares?

You don't need to be a football fan in order to know the thrill of winning something big! And that's what this Entrecard Credits Football Squares Contes ll about - winning big! If you NEED and WANT an explanation of football squares which are, by the way, mindlessly simple, here's a very quick 2-paragraph explanation, titled, "Square Football Pools".

It is only 2 paragraphs, so if you don't know what a football square is, read it for there are BIG winnings to be had!


With All 100 Entries Sold, You Can Win 1500 EC Up to 16 Times!

And Non-Winners Get Another 10 Chances to Split 4500 EC!

  1. You do NOT have to understand football or even like it to win big, multiple times! With each main game entry, you will automatically get 2 backlinks to your site and be notified if you win. Those who DO understand this would never let me get away with not paying, and all winners will announced in another blog. If you WANT to track it, you can do so at the NFL website,


  2. Main Game entrants can win up to SIXTEEN (16) times! Based on a sell-out (300 EC x 100 Entries = 30,000 EC in pool), that means each 300 EC entry can win 1500 EC not just once, but 16 times! That doesn't mean you win 1,500 and you're done. That means you can win ANOTHER 1,500 EC again! Yes, up to 16 times!

    If there is no sell-out, prizes will be lower and any empty squares will be GIVEN AWAY AT NO CHARGE to those who signed up first.

  3. Bonus Game (Sun) will split almost all of the remaining pool (15% - up to 4,500) between TEN (10) randomly drawn winners. All entrants are eligible except those who already won in the main game.

How to Enter
There Are 2 Ways to Enter

  1. Main Game Entry - Get Your Entry HERE then drop your card and you'll be assigned 4 Squares (1 for each game) for a chance to win up to 16 times. Buying more entries doesn't increase the amount of times you can win - but it DOES increase the ODDS of you winning.

  2. Bonus Game Entry - Write Short Post About This w/Link for Entry and drop your card.

  3. Main Entrants choose between a link back to their website or their Entrecard info page.


There are 4 NFL football games this weekend. Each 300 EC gets 4 squares, the E.C. goes into the pool (sellout = 30,000 EC) and 5% (sellout = 1,500 EC) will be given away at the end of every quarter of every game. The remaining 20% (sellout = 6,000 EC) will be evenly divided amongst 10 Bonus Game Entrants. Only 100 Main Game Entries Available. In the event of empty squares (not all entries bought) prize amounts may be lower and empty squares will be GIVEN AWAY to those who signed up first.


If, for some reason, you are still not comprehending this, here's the simplest version - Each time you ENTRY, you get

  • Sixteen 16 chances to win up to 1,500 E.C. (you can win more than once!)

  • If you do not win, all non-winners will still get a chance to split up to 4,500 E.C.

  • No Matter What, You Will Get 2 Backlinks to Your Site.



entrecard contest - football squares!

(This one started late and I reserve the right to cancel and return credits (or enter you in next weeks) at my discretion if not full enough.)

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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turnip said...

I love the concept of mixing football and entrecard. What's next, the entrecard casino? I thought having entrecards be the symbols in a slot machine would be extremely cool. Too bad I'm not a coder.

I'll be back to sign up later after work. I swear! I'm sure you won't mind if I blog about this to give it a bit more promotion? Just getting permission first :)

Tim said...

Ok, I'll play... even though I know absolutely NOTHING about football HAHA. I'll send you the 300 EC right now, msg me if I need to give you more info or whatnot.

Sam Freedom said...

Alright, welcome to you both. Since this was last minute, I'm not sure how many will join but I have to reserve the right to cancel from which I will either refund your credits or enter them in next week's pool.

Let me put it this way... either way, you have LOTS of chances to win SERIOUS credits...!

Welcome aboard!

Shari Thomas said...

Hey Sam,

Thanks for the heads up on this.

I'm in... there's nothing like a good "ball pool".

You should have received my credits by now.

Sam Freedom said...

@shari - gotcha darlin... you're in! Only 96 spots left now!

Who We Are said...

So are you taking the mass amounts of credits, putting them into a high-yield fund, making the interest and then giving out the prize money?

Sam Freedom said...

@whoweare - no, I'm loansharking them, why?

On a serious note, if you're saying the numbers don't add up, you need to just say so. They stack up fine -

Main Game 16 x 5% = 80%
Bonus Game 15% split = 15%

That's definitely not over 100%

Good luck!

Shelia said...

Hey Sam, I've put up a post for the contest with links to the post and to the entry page. I sure hope it takes off.


The BenSpark said...

Hi Sam,

Excellent contest, I just entered through Entrecard and I went and blogged about it as well. Here is the link to the blog post.

I also dropped my card on you as well. My Entrecard is at

Dane Morgan | Niche Blogger said...

The only part of all of this that I really understood was

"Here's another way of looking at it - Your entry gets you TWO backlinks and 16 chances to win a bunch of credits."

Good enough for me. This is a pure dumb luck thing and my complete ignorance of anything to do with football (or any other sport) can't be held against me right? ;)

Sam Freedom said...

@shelia @ben - welcome aboard and good luck. This week was rather last minute and slightly complicated so the pot is going to be smaller but the following weeks should loom larger.

@dane - nope, nothing like that can be held against you but this is more fun than the standard contests which not only force you to comment and jump through other hoops but then pick your name out of a hat or off of a dartboard which are also dumb luck and a lot less fun.

Usually, those are for anywhere from 700-1200 credits (although some go big up to 12,000 on rare occasion) but this method offers a lot of people a good number of ways to win multiple times - and have a little fun in the process - especially if you're a sports fan - but it's not necessary.

In any case, good luck!

Turnip said...

I think you might want to check that link up top about squares still being open for Sunday's game. It mentions the superbowl, and also says 500cr to enter.

Woobie said...

I bought one and blogged about this... let's see where it leads me. *cross fingers*

Turnip said...

I read all the updates and I'm still confused about one point. Is the next contest the superbowl, or will you have another weekly one for the playoffs?

Sam Freedom said...

@woobie - good luck

@turnip - weekly and major superbowl

Football Handicapper said...

The most basic form of wagering - very simple but very fun. Sometimes luck is much better than any professional handicapping can ever provide.

Anonymous said...

Try football squares online at this year. Easy and simple..the way it should be.

Soccer jerseys said...

lolz its some thing strange, any ways but i'll play :d

Demorris Smith said...

Sweet little game for entrecard owners.

JN0-350 said...

Football fans love the excitement and competition of the sport and live for all of the spirited action each time their favorite teams takes the field. However, sometimes these games need some added excitement with a friendly wager. Football squares are a great way to get everyone involved even if they have no rooting interest in a game.

642-873 said...

Write the numbers zero through nine both on the top of the square and down the left-hand side. Zero and zero are both written in the top left-hand corner of the square, with the proceding numbers written to the right accross the top and down the left-hand side until you stop at nine.

E20-322 said...

Establish a price for each square and the overall prize rules for the entire game. For example, you can charge five dollars for each square, giving you five hundred dollars for prize money. Then you should determine what the payout is going to be. For instance, you could award a hundred dollar prize for each quarter winner and two hundred for the final score winner. Conversely, to make it easier you could just award the entire five hundred for the final score.

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I love the concept of mixing football and entrecard.

Mobil Keluarga said...

Thanks for the heads up on this.

I'm in... there's nothing like a good "ball pool".

Baby Center said...

So are you taking the mass amounts of credits, putting them into a high-yield fund, making the interest and then giving out the prize money?

Rumah Mungil Yang Sehat said...

I love the concept of mixing football and entrecard. What's next, the entrecard casino? I thought having entrecards be the symbols in a slot machine would be extremely cool. Too bad I'm not a coder.


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