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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

10 Solid Reasons Why Football Square Entrecard Contests BLOW Ordinary Entrecard Contests AWAY!

entrecard contest football squareFor those of you who participated in the First Entrecard Square Football Contest, congratulations, and thank you. It was a test run, put up, in haste, the day before the games began so there was hardly any time to get a large prize pool going. But prizes were distributed fairly and everyone got something and it turned out to be both fun and a great help for designing next week's prize distribution. Again, thanks for your participation!

During the process, I realized something even more profoundly than I'd suspected at the outset: the Football Square Entrecard Contest is the best type of contest for Entrecard Credits going right now! And here's a quick visual as to why.

(Here's a Short, Simple Two Paragraph Explanation Titled, "Square Football Pools" if you need it.)


And Here's The Dirty Details to Sink the Point Home...!

Most Ordinary Entrecard Contests:

  1. Unlimited Entries (and you're required to invite them!);
  2. Relatively Few Prizes (1 to 3 prizes from 700 to 13,000 EC of which it's more the former than the latter);
  3. Writing Requirement - You are usually required to advertise the contest. So, even though the odds of winning, and the prizes, are low to begin with, you are required, as your ENTRY FEE, to write about the contest so that others may come join the ordinary contest and, thus, lower your odds even further. How nice! How many of these contest advertisements are good for you OR your blog? The contests get all the links and advertising while you get poor odds and, in most cases, nothing!;
  4. Prize Pool Never Increases - You'd think there'd be SOME benefit to advertising a contest other than allowing you to compete with everyone you send to it but there isn't! When your contest advertisement (entry fee) causes someone else to join, it not only lowers your odds of winning, but it doesn't even increase the prize pool if you win! Awesome, huh?;
  5. Random Drawing - One doesn't have to be paranoid to know that some people are more trustworthy than others. But when you have to advertise the contest and jump through hoops to compete with unlimited people for poor odds at winning relatively few credits, you'd better hope the contest owner's cousin or "business partner" hasn't entered, too!;
  6. If You Lose, You Lose - there is no 2nd chance drawing and you get no backlink. It's over. You just invited half the planet to the contest, lowered your odds of winning and then lost and have ZERO to show for it. All good for the contest owner, almost no good for you unless you beat out all the people you invited.
  7. Whimsical Contest Endtimes - Deadlines, and drawings, can be decided by something as simple as when the contest owner thinks you've sent enough traffic and gotten him, or her, enough backlinks. There's no rhyme or reason to it.

10 SOLID Reasons Why the Football Square Entrecard Contest Is Superior!

entrecard contest

  1. Limited Entries - 100 max per event;
  2. Many Prizes - 4 Main Game Prizes - Multiple 2nd Chance - plus Guaranteed Link Love;
  3. No Jumping Through Hoops - You are not REQUIRED to clog up your blog with advertisements for each of these types of contests. Your entry fee is a one-time reasonable payment of Entrecard credits and that's it!
  4. The Prize Pool Increases - In Football Square Entrecard contests, each entry increases the size of the prize pool so while advertising is not required, it IS in your interest to help maximize the prize pool.
  5. Guaranteed Link Love - No matter what happens, you end up with a backlink to your website (as long as your site doesn't violate Entrecard's terms of service). In most contests, most entrants do everything but end up with nothing. In a Football Square Entrecard contest, you do almost nothing but never walk away empty-handed!
  6. No Cheating Possible - Football Square Entrecard Contests are based on game scores from REAL, LIVE national sporting events that are instantly verifiable on 100s of sites all throughout the internet. Theoretically, cheating MIGHT be possible in the "2nd Chance" round but
    • 2nd Chance Drawing amounts to the smallest portion (about 15%) of the prize pool; and
    • 2nd Chance Drawing is a BONUS - in other contests if you lose, you lose, end of story.
  7. If You Lose, You Win - As mentioned above, in Football Square Entrecard Contests, losing the main game still leaves you with multiple chances to split the Entrecard Credits from the BONUS pool (about 15% held in reserve). And even if with all these chances you still haven't won, you still have Guaranteed Link Love which no other contest offers ALL participants.
  8. Clear Contest End Times - Entrecard Football Square Contests don't end when the owner says. They are based on real live sporting events that have set times and days.
  9. Social Value - While Football Square Entrecard Contests do not afford the same social opportunities that a bar or office pool would, there's a LOT greater interest in getting to know a bunch of people who tracked results of a real live event along WITH you, rather than people who just waited 6 weeks to get their names pulled out of a hat. In the former, the connecting point is a sporting event; in the latter, the connection is a hat (and probably a dirty one, too!).
  10. Educational Value - You don't have to even like, or understand, football in order to both play AND win a Football Square Entrecard contest, but it's more than likely that you will take something new away from each Football Square Entrecard Credit contest. Anything that increases your "conversation potential" is of immense value to you.

And THAT is why Football Square Entrecard Contests are Superior to Ordinary Entrecard Contests - You Don't Even Have to Understand or Like Football to Win Multiple Times! Get An Entry Now!

See the Current Football Square Entrecard Contest.

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Shelia said...

I personally think that it's good fun whether or not you like football. But for those of us who are football lovers, it hypes it a bit more.

I like the chart with the comparisons on it, excellent points, I'm sold!

Gary R. H. said...

It is definitely awesome. Why? Because I won over 600 credits.

- Mitch - said...

Nice, now I just need to save up some credits for it. We always put a pool in for the Superbowl even though I don't watch football.

The BenSpark said...

I think the contest was awesome and I am going to sign up each time you run one, too bad football season is ending soon.

Sam Freedom said...

@shelia - glad to hear it! Yes, it is actually a lot of fun and engaging to follow the game and feel the excitement as the scores change (or stay the same!).

@gary - congrats on your win, my friend... the last one was at last minute notice. These next ones should be bigger, hopefully. It might be a mistake for me to not require people get the word out - after all, the game IS capped at 100 entries and the each new person increases the prize pool.

@Mitch - I understand, it's amazing how many people don't watch football but still enjoy football pools. They're so fun and simple and mine give each person a backlink plus a 2nd chance bonus round.

@ben - glad you like it, ben. The thing that it takes most people a little while to get is that the chances of winning a football pool are so much greater than most other contests and it's more exciting when it's about a major football game and not just a bunch of numbers getting pulled out of a hat!

Welcome and good luck to all of you!


Entrepreneur said...

Boy, you came up with a great contest! How long did it take to think this up? The only problem I see with this is that not a lot of people will take the time to read thru the entire thing.

Do you have the cliff-notes version that other people can easily explain in their blog?

Sam Freedom said...

@entrepreneur - that's a good idea but therein lies the challenge - those who would invest E.C., they tend to want explanations. The rest just want to abuse their blog with post after post about contest after contest that they continue to lose.

Tying E.C. contests to football pool was not difficult - at least not for me - but coming up with a decent page and then selling it have been the challenges so far.

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll work on the cliff notes and put them up shortly. ;-)


Turnip said...

When did anything longer than a paragraph become a long read? I must be getting old. I'm in for both the weekly and superbowl.

voiceofbragg said...

It is so hard to save up credits...

Sam Freedom said...

@turnip - complaining will never be obsolete... it's a kind of manure for bloggers who know how to use it to grow their crops. ;-)

@voice - agreed - I felt I had to price it at a point that would make it fun to even enter but maybe I will lower the price for the next one.


Sweet Mummy said...

Sam, are you EVERYWHERE? Just read about the amazing contest at Bloggin-ads! WOW!

And this one, too... I am going to have to read this through a few times just to make sense of it all. You are the contest dude!

Turnip said...

Unofficial Saturday Winners

7,7---Black Tennis Pro
17,28-Niche blogging
20,31-niche blogging

17,28-My Journey

Sam Freedom said...


I think you got them all right except for the one's ending in 4-4, those seem to be Shari, not Yimto.

turnip said...

Sam, I had purchased 2 entries for todays championship games through the entrycard shop. Yet I don't see my name on the scoreboard?

640-816 said...

It’s a wonderful and interesting post. I like that. To me it’s an excellent entertaining whether or not you like football. But especially for are football lovers, it hypes it a bit more. thanks

Anonymous said...

It's so funny when they fall over! thank you =))
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