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Monday, April 16, 2007

Early Notification of Unrivalled Stealth Program plus FREE YouTube-Style Site for Internet Marketers!

Greetings Marketing Friends,

In about 2 weeks, I am releasing something that you will have likely never seen before. I say "likely" because we let a few slip out early on but otherwise NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, has ever created anything as remotely powerful and easy to use.  I've seen a LOT of things that look and sound "clever" and offer the naive and unsuspecting reader some kind of hyped up reality but, when you see this, I maintain that you will have no choice but to agree that we have one heck of a programmer on board.  An ordinary programmer can't just make something like what we'll soon be releasing.  He or she must ALSO be extremely passionate about finding the most intense, unorthodox methods of putting REAL power in the hands of REAL people like you.

I know you get used to hearing so much bull in the marketing hype scene but when you see what is coming your way, it will absolutely warp your mind and probably spoil you forever! I'll just say that if YOU are one of those who gets one of only 2000 copies, you will be one VERY lucky S.O.B.... No hype, no exaggeration and absolutely no overestimation of your ability to put this to use. It won't merely level the playing the field. It will actually vault you above it and beyond. 

So get on this blog's feed to ensure you are one of the first to hear about it.  Even if you are already on my mail list, being on this blog's feed will ensure your notification doesn't get sucked up by your ISPs spam filter during early notification and/or launch.  You'll continue to receive an email from this feed only when this blog is updated with a new post and, as usual, you may unsubscribe at any time without hassle.  Use this form below.

Once you've ensured you'll be notified early on, check out the following.  It's going to be the absolute, most hottest, "YouTube"-style site explicitly for internet marketers!  It is absolutely and totally 100% free to join and you'll instantly begin to benefit from all kinds of audio, video and written content made available to you by experienced, accomplished marketers.  This will allow you not only to SAMPLE a given marketer's expertise before ever purchasing from them but ALSO you, too, will be allowed to freely upload any content that you would like to make available to the internet marketing public either now, or in the future.

Get in NOW because it's still in BETA mode and I'm not sure if the free signup or membership terms will change once they abandon beta mode and enter into full launch mode.  I'm drop dead serious, folks; I can't stand bs.  This resource is VERY well done, VERY YouTube-like, and VERY beneficial to everyone in the work-at-home crowd. 

Sign up for FREE right here.

Good luck and much success!
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I am glad to know that you are introducing a thing that will allow its users not only to trial a specified marketer's capability earlier than buying from them. It’s also good that users will be permitted to generously upload any content that you would wish to make accessible to the internet marketing public whenever you need.