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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


If you've been surfing around the work-at-home or affiliate marketing scene for a little while, trying to figure out all the ways to make money from home, there's a chance you've started to develop what I call "the bullshit detector."  It can be hard to know who is
telling the truth any more.  So it should bring you some comfort to discover that it really doesn't matter.

What?  What the heck do I mean "it doesn't matter" who is telling the truth any more.

Well, when you stick to the basics and do what has worked over and over and over again, there's no need for you to go around getting trapped by the clever wordsmiths.  So let's skip RIGHT TO THE CHASE.  Without any fanfare, let's give you EXACTLY what you NEED.

But wait just one tiny moment.  Allow me to qualify that statement:

Are there a million and one things that would make your life easier?  You bet.  But do you NEED them to start making money from home as soon as possible?  No, you don't.  They might make your life easier down the road, but you don't need them NOW!  So while all the extra
gizmos bells and whistles will be nice, you only want and need what will help you start making money as fast as possible NOW.  And here it is..

FAIR NOTICE:  You absolutely NEED to take the big, whole 3 minutes to read this entire article.  I know that in "web time", where everything is just a click away, one minute can seem like 20 years, but if you REAAAAALY want to start making money
online then you MUST read this entire article.  I promise to summarize everything at the end in case you are still feeling a bit fuzzy but to get the REAL meat of what you NEED to do, you absolutely MUST read this short article in its entirety.

"The Affiliate Marketing 1-2-3 Power Punch"

1) Right Jab -

The first of the "affiliate marketing" 1-2-3 combo is the brain, the "central intelligence", that helps you understand how everything works and how it can work BETTER and how it can work better than your COMPETITION.  If you are the kind of person who is not yet familiar
with marketing and wondering whether or not something is "just a scam", well, this is NOT... this is a compilation of the EXACT kind of information you absolutely MUST HAVE in order to both get up to speed AND not be marginalized by the competition.  And the reason you will surpass competition
more easily than you can imagine is two-fold: 

a) most don't even know this level of detailed information exists, and
b) many are just lazy - it's a sad fact that the internet marketing culture is absolutely RIFE with procrastinators.

So if you want to be a procrastinator, fine, but eventually you WILL have to learn all the kinds of techniques in this brilliant resource and currently it's selling for way less than even half of what it's worth.  The price has already gone up once so procrastination DOES have a
dollar amount attached to it - you wait and it costs you more - you get it now and save money while learning EXACTLY what you NEED to know RIGHT NOW (click here to see part one).

2) Left Hook -

The second of this "affiliate marketing" 1-2-3 combo is the "workhorse" of the trio.  While the first part of the combo alone will show you how to start earning simply and quickly, this second part, with a real minimum of effort, will allow you to increase your income
EXPONENTIALLY!  It was made easy-as-pie to implement and is virtually automated.  And what's more is that IT'S FREE!

I know, believe me, I've often said myself, "How good can something be if it's FREE?"  Well, being a veteran to the internet marketing and affiliate marketing scene, I now know.  Any product owner that wants QUICK recognition and, therefore, a greater
potential for follow-up sales will (had better!) give out a FREE version of their software which, even though it's FREE and limited in some ways, is awesome enough to generate significant BUZZ.  And this software, the second part of the combo, a real WORKHORSE that is virtually automated has a
FREE version that is beyond compare!

I recommend the upgrade for a one-time minor fee but it is NOT necessary for you at this stage of the game and I'm staying true to telling you about ONLY what you NEED (click here to see part two!).

3) Right Uppercut -

The third, and final, part of this "affiliate marketing" 1-2-3 combo is the "research and development" powerhouse:  a service that does ALL of the research for you.  Of course you can always do more on your own if you wish but here is what you get for a very low monthly fee
which is WAY more than reasonable for everything you receive:


Market Research
Private Label
Article Content
Private Label
Ecourse Content
Keyword Research
Affiliate Research

This service is of massive value and is truly limited and, as of this moment, has a mere 129 openings left.  After that, it's closed and this valuable resource will be gone forever.  The intermediate and advanced work-at-home marketers immediately recognize such a
service as truly PRICELESS.  Combining this with parts 1 and 2 will give even the most inexperienced of newcomers the most powerful "affiliate marketing" knockout punch available today (click here to see it!).

If you're really tired of watching everyone else make money at this but you and if you're really tired of the early commute to work to get paid only a fraction of what you're worth by people who know less about your job than you do, then ACT NOW...

Here's what it consists of again...
1) The first part, the brain (click here), is ESSENTIAL and a fraction of it's true worth ;
2) The second part, the workhorse, is FREE and will increase your earnings
exponentially (click here); and,
3) The third part, the research and development, is a GOLDMINE of laser-targeted pre-researched info, wow!, (click here!).

There is one more thing you will need if you want the greatest potential possible and that's a web-hosting account.  If you're still fairly new to being online, this can sound daunting, or overwhelming, after all, aren't there 1000s of sites out there promising INSTANT RICHES?  Why not
just go to one of them that promises to give you 1000s of dollars while you do nothing except maybe click a button or two?  We already know you will never make it that way! so don't let a little overwhelm scare you away from

a) what WORKS and
b) what requires a little effort but is a LOT EASIER THAN YOU THINK!

Add.) There are 2 kinds of webhosting that newbies aren't familiar with:

a) Webhosting that gives you generous terms and (best service on the net, by the way)
b) Webhosting that is an
ASSET - that allows you to MAKE money.

If you're not sure which to pick, then choose A because it will cost less for now and allow you to get up and running fast.  Choose B only if you are experienced and are interested in adding a new stream of residual income.


Because I truly understand what most of you go through when getting yanked around from one offer to the next, reading thousands of words that still leave you confused and perplexed at the end of the day, here is a short RECAP so you can bring it all back together...

1) Right Jab - Absolutely Necessary! - The Nuts and Bolts You Need to Get Your Head Clear and Straight On How Money is REALLY Made
on the Internet Without You Needing Websites and How to Really Devour the Competition that Does NOT Have This Info; (priced way under what it's worth but has gone up once already, so hurry!).
click here

2) Left Hook - Necessary If You Want to Increase Your Traffic and Earnings Exponentially! - Is FREE and Virtually
plus video tutorials and a help forum (has some FREE bonuses, too, that might disappear soon.).  click here

3) Right Uppercut - Indispensable! - Dirt Cheap for the Value It Delivers - Makes "Number 1" INFINITELY Easier! - Does Almost All the Footwork!
(Is a limited membership with only 129 positions open as of this writing.  Do NOT miss out on this!). click here

WebHosting:  Only Needed for Using "Number 2" - Get Webhost A if you are new to all this and just need to get up and running fast and
inexpensively.  Get Webhost B if you are somewhat experienced and want your webhosting to be an ASSET that can also make you more money.  Again, if you are NEW, you can choose Webhost B later.


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