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Monday, April 23, 2007

100% Commissions: Gary Ambrose's 3rd (and Final?) Picklemania!

Oy! OY! Gary Ambrose is putting on another Nickelmania. And this time it's with Keith Wellman.

Ya gotta love Nickel Manias. They have about the same appeal as a scratch ticket: you can't pass up the chance you might win something big for a mere $2, but more often than not, you walk away $2 lighter and with an adrenalin rush that only another Nickelmania can cure. You see what I'm saying?

I mean, where are the millionaires from the last 2 Nickelmanias?

And don't you already have enough things to focus on right now? You probably do - but THAT is why it's called Nicklemania because Gary Ambrose knows it's gonna take a bargain frenzy to break you away from the things you really SHOULD be focusing on.

Oh, you know, like FINISHING the things you've already started!!!! Hmmm? Remember those?


I am going to recommend a BUY for this third, and supposedly final, Nickelmania.

The BAIT product is a DVD of a $997 seminar he put on with Keith Wellman about getting MORE profit out of your opt-in lists. As I write this, Nickel Mania costs me a whopping $2.60. But, in Nickel Mania fashion, each purchase raises the price, so if I were you, I'd get over there pretty fast.

I see no harm in getting this DVD for its potential educational value - to study, amongst other things:
  1. Gary Ambrose seminar technique; and
  2. Whatever nuggets of wisdom might be therein about list building and profiting.
It strikes me that at even at under $20 it's going to be a true steal. Also, it's going to be mailed to you, so you'll have to be comfortable giving them some kind of mailing address whether it's your house or a PO Box. These guys have been around enough that, personally, I'm OK with that.


Immediately after purchasing Nickel Mania, you're going to get the standard UPSELL. The upsell is just a couple of licenses. One is for unlimited resale rights to the DVD for which they provide the sales page, etc. And another is distribution rights to another of their products. And you'd get all that for $147.

UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SELL THEM, I'm recommending you pass on that. Yours truly has even bought stuff for that "maybe someday" sale and, truly, the money would be better spent on COMPLETING some of the things you might already be working on, OR on an EZINE AD for something you already sell, OR on a nice gift for someone you love.

Just don't waste it on something that will probably collect dust on your hard drive no matter how good the deal may seem.


Once you say "no thanks!" to the UPSELL, you'll be offered pretty much the same thing except your resell rights will be limited to 200 copies. And THAT, I MIGHT have given a big thumbs up to if the difference in price was significant. But it isn't ($127). So I'm not.

You're free to get either, really. They are both actually not bad deals but what I'm trying to get at here is to get you to make sure you HONESTLY qualify yourself. Don't just get it because it looks like a great deal and you don't want to miss out on it because "some day I'll be famous and then I can sell it on my supersite to my huge list!"

Instead, be realistic. And that's what I'm being when I write this article to tell you that the initial offer of the Seminar DVD is WELL worth the chance but when it comes to the ensuing upsell, you really need to think about it carefully.

Check Out the Current Price of Nickel Mania Here

Let me know what you think, too...

Best wishes!
ps. Forgot to mention, Nickel Mania is also paying out 100% commissions on the main sale and 25% on the up and down sells! I'm only saying I think the main sale is worth it. The up and down sell you'll have to ultimately decide for yourself. Here's the Nickelmania link again....

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