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Monday, February 07, 2005

UNLIMITED Free Advertising via "The 2-Step Knockout"

Free Advertising!
Free Advertising!
Free Advertising!


You see it all over the web, but is it really free advertising? In some cases it is, but either it is pitifully small advertising and requires no effort on your part (and therefore remains pitifully small) or it promises the potential for a huge return but an effort is required of the advertiser and even then there's no guarantee of results.

So why bother?

I mean, if the free advertising being offered were so great, wouldn't the advertising company be able to charge a reasonable fee for it? Or maybe it's the advertising company that benefits the most by offering free advertising, as some of you well know, due to the "UPGRADE." Yes, "Become a PRO member" and you will receive yada yada yada. Some of it can be good, but most of it isn't worth it. Only if they succeed in bamboozling enough people with free advertising claims can they make those claims come even close to true.

But I discovered a secret about free advertising, but it's not a true secret because a few here and there already realize it. But very few understand how to put it to use. It's the closest thing to a perpetual motion machine there is. The true perpetual motion machine is LIFE -- humanity, in particular, and if you can tap into that movement, you can get some SERIOUS free advertising....BY COMBINING METHODS INTELLIGENTLY.

Instead of laying it all out here, I've created a page of several key free advertising resources that, when combined, will unleash massive amounts of traffic, but you must see for yourself!!


I tell all the people I train, the following:

If you don't have the money to buy high quality targeted advertising, then you must resort to free advertising. But work SMART, not hard. If you have to spend 1 hour to learn the system, and then 1 hour per day working it, then IT SURE BEATS SITTING BEHIND A DESK FROM 9 TO 5 EVERY DAY AND HAVING TO WORK HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS, AND MISS LOVED ONE'S BIRTHDAYS AND SCHOOL PLAYS, ETC.!"

So when it comes to free advertising, THINK SMART! And I have. And I'm giving the blueprint to fellow marketers because I don't like hype and fanfare, and hypnotic marketing and lying and all the things that some random kid without a high school diploma puts into a "report" (sounds important) and tries to sell for $97 dollars. So I'm giving it for free, because it didn't cost me a dime.

So I've brilliantly combined 4 already powerful free marketing methods (more soon to be added) at the following site:


Please let me know what you think, folks.

Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Irene said...

Hi Sam, Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I love it when someone
sets up a great barter system to get the word out. I think interlinking the blogs is cool, (provided people keep it civilized). This is a true viral ad/marketing program. While it doesn't "cost" anything; you will get out what you put in. If you make an effort, obviously good will come out of it. Also, people will come by who may never heard of this place, want to hang out, join in, learn something, and maybe purchase something. If you get to meet the folks, and hang out with them, you get a sense of who you're dealing with, and indirectly the quality of their respective product or service. If everyone puts a little effort in,it becomes an invaluable commodity for all. This is realy what the www is all about. Kudos Sam

Sam Freedom said...

Thanks, Irene -- nice to see you stop by. Just to give an idea of how well my "2-step Knockout" System is working -- on the first 2 days of promoting it, I've got 15 more members in Advertopia, 3 more in Instant Buzz, 30 more in Search Estate (at least), and 7,000 credits on the Blog exchange. That's three days.

That's just light promoting for that page only. It translates into sales and signups in other areas as well.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear more from you. You've always got something nice and interesting to say.


Priya Shah said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Sam. And do let me know about the interlinking. Yours is one blog I would love to link to :-)


Moon Dancing Nana said...

Please Help Me Sam!!! I am the one very computer challenged. The link to Instant Buzz doesn't work (for me anyway)and I have emailed Search Estate and they have not emailed me back! While signing on to Search Estate a horrific lightning storm hit. I was half-way through signing up and now I can't get further then the first part. I soooo want to do this....merely based on your wit and desire to rise above the hyperbole and money, I have nothing wrong with money. It is the way we receive it that matters to me. Prosperity with values is the way to inner peace and fulfillment. Well, my thoughts, anyway.

Anonymous said...

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