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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Oh the Joy!

Welcome to what should have been titled,
"Sam Freedom's Controversial Internet Marketing Blog" but lacking the foresight that anyone in their right mind might want to go over 50 characters in a Blog title, I was, begrudgingly, forced to rethink my strategy. And by a strange twist of fate, I actually like it. So this will not result in the complaint you expected at the beginning of this paragraph.

Now how do I put this?

THIS BLOG has one aim in mind and one aim only -- the
controversial transmission of neat, cool, effective, brain-engaging, eye-popping marketing concepts via anecdotes, lectures,
silliness and anything else just plain controversial. No
olds barred.
So, if you think you might not be able to handle it...GET OUT
NOW while you're still basically happy!

Now let's not assume controversial means "evil" or "bad." It just
means -- controversial. Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary defines "controversial" as --

Function: adjective
1 : of, relating to, or arousing controversy
2 : given to controversy : DISPUTATIOUS

Now that's not very helpful, is it? So let's try "disputatious"
which is a word I never thought to use before today. So not only have I learned
something new, but I am also going to abuse that word for a while like everyone does when they learn a new word they like. Ok, let's have a look --

Function: adjective
1 a : inclined to dispute b : marked by disputation
2 : provoking debate : CONTROVERSIAL

Now THAT'S much better, dont' you agree?

You'd better not. This is a DISPUTATIOUS blog, so maybe it's time you stopped agreeing so darn much. But don't push yourself too hard. Once we get into the marketing stuff in the following DISPUTATIOUS posts, you'll have PLENTY of time to build and flex your

There are only a few requirements thus far -- keep it clean,
keep it above the belt, and no blatant advertising. Yes, we're all marketers here, so I used the word blatant on purpose. When you come in, please don't hide. Make yourself known -- dare to reply, stand up, speak out, make yourself known, let us know there's a new sheriff in town, or that the town isn't big for all three of us, or whatever, but don't just sit there and read like a chimpanzee trying to figure out what it's looking at....say something! You're a marketer for cripe's sake!

Are you ready for the first DISPUTATIOUS post?

Very truly yours,
Sam Freedom
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Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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Rob Stephens said...

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