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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Is It Getting Out of Hand?

Lately, it seems more than ever, that my inbox is filling up with tons of absolutely useless, monotonous, low-grade promotions by those who are considered successful marketers. So it surely must be a numbers game for them because the content is literally mind-numbing. It is boring, and unoriginal and just plain nasty.

Whether it's Jason Mangrum with his "Hey Buddy!" style, or Cody Moya with his latest ad-nauseum Roman orgy style junk-product massive giveaways, it all just leads one to wonder, "Do marketers give a flying **** about anyone but themselves?"

Here's a free Instant Download to Help You Escape this Madness:

Now, what about you? What's your experience been?
And what do you think about all of this? Go ahead, flame away.
We're big boys and girls, we can take it.

Now, click the jumping geek for your gift download, and then I want you to go post a comment.


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Anonymous said...


You forgot something. I generally
create a new email account for the
offers .. like Cody's .. so that I
can control the flow.

Invariably, these marketers of so-
called integrity, send boat loads of
SPAM to that address.

Hmmm ... perhaps they are even the
Spammer's themselves .. instead of
selling the addy's.

Blase, from GSSAM.Com said...

Note to anonymous.

It's not spam if you signed up to receive Cody's email.

Hi Sam,

I think the "Fire Sale" thing started when Mike Filisame gave away his Fire Sale How To ebook. Everybody is doing it, most of it is older or a repeat of the same idea in a different package. I am amazed at how much of it I got somewhere else free. The bad news is most of the IM products out there now have no value. If you want something wait, it will be in a fire sale coming to your neighbor hood soon!

Sam Freedom said...


Well, the JV Giveaway is a little different than a firesale, though I can see that it draws ideas from it.

I'm actually working on TWO firesales now, but don't expect that same GARBAGE you see coming from all corners of the universe.

Simon said...

Hi Sam,
Well let me start off by saying; "can you please mail me each day with mail like I’ve just received "BEWARE.... I’m on a Rant Again", totally brilliant.

To be honest I've bought some real crap over the past year, and that I was just thinking the same as you.

These so called experts have got nothing new to offer, it's the same stuff wrapped up in a different wrapper.

Listen I know there's always something more to learn online, but Jesus (excuse me if your religious) how many secrets can there be to making money on google adwords, or one of the other "must know right now" problems we face online.
I dare someone to go out and find all the books on beating the search engines that have been developed, and then count the secrets "There must be thousands".
I was part of the first Cody Giveaway, and yes, what I got was a bunch of email addresses, most with their first name being FREE or CODYSDOWNLOAD or….well you get the picture. Imagine the auto response; “Hi Codysgiveaway at thanks for looking at one page of my site, oh and by the way you can download more crap, just CLICK HERE. I’m actually starting a collection, and I’m thinking of putting it out on cd, “The Crapiest Stuff Ever Made Available Online”. (Might Be an earner). Ok, well I've ranted, so now back thinking how to make a living in this hell online.
Thanks again Sam for putting a smile on this mug and all the best to you.
Keep it up and never let the Guru's get you down.
(more free crap, without the spam)

Kenneth Reno said...

Hi Sam,

Man, you hit the nail right on the head with this one!

I too am sick and tired of the giveaways, so I made my own--that breaks all the rules...

I resonate with your thoughts EXACTLY, especially the part about the ranking of gifts. It doesn't matter that the #1 gift is something that has been given away freely for 6 months!

As long as they refer more people, they stay at the top of the list indefinately.....

Mike F had a good idea with the FreeAdvertisingGiveAway, but the novelty has worn off.

Man, if only everyone would put it as blunt as you do, alot more woud get done online! ;-)

Talk to you soon.

Take care, and God Bless.
Ken Reno :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

there is one advantage to getting the same promotional mail from everybody - I can recognise and delete them before I waste time reading copy No. 2 to infinity.

zapseo said...


Totally agree with you. Actually, however, I did find a fire sale, before I found out about Cody's, that is much a cut above the usual fire sales. I had already maxed my "internet marketing info products" budget, in fact, had overdone it. But when I saw this one (AGAIN it is NOT Cody's firesale)--because it had 3 products I had already purchased (for over $2500, and with fewer rights).

But, you know what? I'm not gonna post my link to that...if people want the link, they can send me an email! And I'll send them a link. They don't even have to sign up for a newsletter or anything like that--how is that for fair?

zapseo AT
---->>>> yahoo
you know the rest: .com

PS Temporarily out of nursing school--got sick--missed too many clinical days--will be starting again in the fall.

Joey Phillips said...

Hey Sam,

That's what I like about your emails. You don't pull any punches and tell it like it is.

They say the truth hurts. Well...maybe for those that are putting another nail in the online world. But, how much time, trouble, and, in general, crappy crap does it save those of us that really care and aren't out just for the bucks?

Anyway, Sam, I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for being one of the (very) few honest marketers online.

Anonymous said...


I loved the headline! It was exactly my thought on this.

I originally signed up for a newsletter where I thought I would get something useful - WRONG! All it is is a sales letter everytime and like you I get way too many a day.

Now I have them automatically go to my trash bin haha.

Keep up the good work

Wendy said...

I must really have cut myself off from the Internet marketing world of late, because I don't think I've received the offer that you're discussing.

But I'm going to comment anyway.

Three or maybe four years ago I eagerly downloaded a large number of semi-worthless software and info products in one of those christmas JVs.

I still have the folder on my hard drive where everything was downloaded, and most of it has never been opened or read.

Just having it on my computer reminds me of the futility of freebie-seeking for its own sake.

And it gives me a place to save all those "bonuses worth thousands of dollars" that tend to come with software and ebooks I do buy.

I tend not to look at those either.

Incidentally, just because you demanded a comment, I've decided to make you a victim of blog tag... the blog version of a chain letter.

You're it:

zapseo said...


What you say is SOOOO true--about all those freebies and bonuses. What's worse is, there is actually some good stuff in there--but who knows what it is? Unfortunately, the good gets terribly devalued because of the "company" it keeps, and because almost anything that has "master resale rights" attached to it, the value goes to zero as the various IM folks try to out-do each other.

Case in point: the firesale I mentioned in my previous post is giving away, as a "special bonus" a wonderful product by master copywriter Bob Serling. As I was downloading it, I gave it a second look at realized its value.

But we get so de-sensitized to the extreme marketing techniques of the internet marketers. (Something I just learned about in a copywriting course I'm taking: you can use more outrageous and extreme claims with us, because we are "used ot it". To almost anyone else it would be a hard sell, and immediately put up their defenses.)

I admire Sam, too. I have had my run-in (even today) with "big guys" in internet marketing--for making what I thought were legitimate comments. One was about a seminar being held by some guy most folks hadn't heard of; I certainly hadn't; and I've forgotten it now. Purely critiquing from the standpoint of the copy, I was then attacked by one of the buddies of this guy (I'm not even sure I'd mentioned his name...).

Hard to buck the trend. Maybe if, every time we read copy where they talk about the dirty secrets of some third party--perhaps we should wonder about the dirty secrets of the internet marketers.

One of the reasons I dropped out of the NLP community was because, even though they talked about all kinds of "states", the one state which seemed to be noticeably missing was that of humility.

Sam Freedom said...

Very good observations, Zapseo (as always). And a hearty nod to all other posters so far. It seems there's a growing consensus.


Irene said...

Sam's mail is one of the very few I don't automatically send to the junk folder. His ideas, thoughts & comments actually have relevance for the long term. Most of the online folks are all puff and fluff. Still Relaxing Knotty Backs. Irene

Judith said...

Hi Sam

What else can I say, except ditto, ditto etc., ad nauseum.

I do however have much to offer Simon for his "The Crapiest Stuff Ever Made Available Online" site.

I just hope your server is big enough!


Paul Inglis said...

"One mans trash is another mans _?_?_???"

Can you please tell me which word immediately popped into your head at the end of that sentence?

I reckon most of us probably imagined Treasure and a few of us maybe even pictures the polar opposite; Trash.

Either way, it doesn't matter because in my mind both are correct.

We see people turn trash into treasure everyday but what it all boils down to is perception.

We can change our perception instantly if we decide to. We can also lie to ourselves if we decide to. Some people are aware of it, some aren't, but it will not change the fact that we ALL lie to ourselves when it's convenient.

I believe HONESTY IS THE ONLY WAY to go in day-to-day life, however, the point to my writing this today is to highlight the fact WE CAN CREATE OUR OWN ULTIMATE DREAM LIFESTYLE by telling ourselves what initially seems to be utter bullcrap.

Did you know our subconcious cannot tell the difference between truth and lies? ... So whatever it soaks up it will believe!

You can sit down to quietly create a "mental movie" of your perfect life for 5 minutes every day. Do a search, look it up and learn it!

Doing this "meditation" (or whatever you wanna call it) EVERYDAY will slowly begin invisible changes in your body which literally attracts everything you need to attain your desired lifestyle - just like a VERY powerful magnet. It all revolves around the level of vibration you resonate at.

It's an art form though - it takes time to master such meditation. Do a search with Sams search box for "Mind Power" or something along those lines. It's pretty interesting!

The vibration we all resonate at alters and it differs between one another based on which thoughts we think and which situations we constantly put ourselves into.

We can all control which level of vibration we operate at through thought. Thinking properly isn't simple though.

Most people think they're thinking, but are they REALLY thinking OR do they jus' think they're thinking?
(Hahaha, let's hear ya say THAT really fast 10 times with a mouth full of marbles!;)

No seriously, we DO attract each other into our lives. You can see this everyday by the way some people place different impact on our lives.

It's up to us which people we attract into our lives through whatever vibration we're operating at... We can control our vibration through meditation.

I'm tired now... long day... will come back later to see if anyone wishes to discuss this further.

Paul Inglis

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the niche course gift!

Medieval Studies, Carpet Cleaning, and Vacation Homes are 3 niches I am into now.

Niche marketing is certainly the way to go! Spend the time researching and write plenty of good content (like I have on Medieval Castles and 6 to 12 months down the road a site may start generating some traffic.

Garfield Benjamin

Anonymous said...

my brother's a computer programmer. he laughs whenever i send him any guru's "internet marketing" software--it's usually quickie FREEWARE scripts that someone just put a pretty face to, then sold for a fortune to unknowing customers.

there are a number that put out crap, and some that put out something decent. i hate getting the audios that take 60 minutes to listen to, but i can skim the pdf and get the meat in 10 minutes.

and come on, if i can get an excellent 400-page marketing/ copywriting/ sales book on amazon for under $50, why is that 80 page, full of one-lines, double-spaced, digital rehash with one or two new things costing me $97??

and the hilarious thing (to me, of course) is that they are missing a very key element to keeping their customers satisfied, and after all the sights i've been to and all the sales letters i've read, not one single person has done it! they don't even know it! i've bought about four things, and i was not really satisfied or pleased with any.

on the other hand, i've gotten a few freebies that were great. it's just hard knowing the good from the bad--luckily, most everyone has a guarantee--use it, if you must! i've done so (it was lots of free articles, parts of free e-course, rehash for $57), and didn't have a problem. and, after signing up for all those ezines, e-courses, etc., i have never, ever gotten 1 spam. (we do have to give them credit for some things, don't we?)

everyone's got their style, everyone has their things to buy, there's almost always a guarantee, there's lots of junk with a few good things--avoid most software, and don't be afraid to get your money back--all should be fine.

Sam Freedom said...

Good advice in this last post. I think what might help people more is to realize that this is just like a school. The new prospects still buy "elevator passes" to elevators that really don't exist. Once you're a sophmore or junior, you know better, and when you're a senior, you're already planning your post-graduation party. ;-)


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