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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Get Free Advertising by Having Your Leads Opt Out!

"Come on," I can hear you say. "You're telling me to get my leads to opt-out of my list and somehow that will get me free advertising?! Are you nuts?!"

No. Just controversial. At some point, maybe you could look again at the title of the blog, please. Ok? Thanks.

Ahhhh, the sweet joy of being able to say,

"I made $400 this month just from people opting out of my mailings!"

But how the heck did I do it?

I'll tell you, but on one condition. If I show you, then you have to both BOOKMARK THIS BLOG and SIGN UP ON THE MAIN PAGE to receive notification of when I publish new posts. Naturally, this will be on the honor system.

But rather than just hammer you with bland, empty words, I'm going to show you a picture, because a picture really is worth a thousand words. So click here:

(will open in a new window)

Now have a look at the breakdown:

1. Give the customer a sweet goodbye because you never know when they might come your way again *wink wink* ;

2. Like a good servant, ask them what it is they'd like to do. Just like an experienced customer service representative, no need to take things personally. Be willing to hold the door for them on the way out after wishing them well, but just make sure there's a really great tempting advertisement on the wall next to the door, on the cab waiting for them out front, etc, etc....

Although it might seem more proper to ask, "Where would you like to go now?", you want them to DO a search, not really THINK of where else they would like to be, so "What would you like to do now?" gives the freshly opted out person a subtle suggestion to take action by using the search box. (Studies suggest that 30% of the people leaving a web page at any time are leaving to perform a web search, so why not be right there for them with the solution?);

3. Your search engine box that leads to your advertising network. Go to the top of this blog OR the opt-out confirmation page via the link above and use the search engine. On the resulting search results page, you'll find my search portal on the front side of my 5,000 billboard strong advertising network. The ad on the top left, the banner, the logo, the ad over the search results, and possibily some on the right, are all mine. And if they're juicy enough, do you think they might get a click or two, or more?

Now, a click or two might not seem like a lot to the newcomer, but as you build up your online empire, a "click or two" here and a "click or two" there, add up, and if you employ viral marketing, or offer tell-a-friend scripts and any other number of free advertising, and traffic generating methods, it snowballs and pretty soon you look up and say, "Whoa! Where'd that list come from?! And how did I just happen to start making so many sales??"

So what we're doing here, and brilliantly so, is getting free advertising by capitalizing on exit traffic. And it's all perfectly above board. Just because someone opts out of your mailing list, doesn't mean you can't toss a few bones in front of them as they're on their way out the door. After all, it's not like you could present them with *everything all in one place*! Or could you?

Your FREE One Stop Biz Opp Page!
(make sure your speakers are on, you'll love it!)

So if a prospect is saying "Sayonara!" then just throw everything at them as a way of saying, "C'mon! There has to be *something* you like!", however, in this unique, personally designed example illustrated in this post, there's something very important to realize:


They are saying goodbye. They are leaving. They are on their way out the door, and they think they are just being served up a simple opt out confirmation with a simple, ordinary search box offering a commonly performed search and a commonly added "copyright" Just a bunch of simple, ordinary things seen on non-sales sites all over the web, right?? *wink wink*

Which leads us to....

4. Offer them something FREE they can have immediately. Always remember -- instant gratification drives web activity. In this specific example, they aren't being offered a free download because it might cause them to think, "Ok, what's he trying to sell me now?" and they'd be right, of course. Instead, they're offered a version of what's right in front of them - their very own search engine. And not just any old search engine, but a fresh new concept in search engines -- a FREE email search engine -- that leads to your very own free advertising network.

5. Copyright everything. That doesn't mean one is actually required! Think about you think anyone *really* needs to copyright that page? Here, click here and take one more look. Like it's a masterpiece or something, huh? Like I'd be totally beside himself if I found out someone had copied me, and I would immediately run to a local courthouse to file papers. ;-) No way. That copyright link should be on *every single one of your pages* without exception. It is the most subtle form of "backdoor marketing" -- free advertising -- at it's best because the prospect thinks and feels as if they are discovering it for him or herself. So make that link juicy and be honest - it should actually point to what its name suggests.

Well, there you have it; yet another powerful tip to increase your repetoire of free advertising tips and tricks. Share them if you must, but share them sparingly so that they continue to work for you for a while. And if you share them, make sure you get something for them in return. ;-)

Talk to you soon!
Sam Freedom

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Take care and bye for now, really!

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