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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Is Working and What Is Total Bullshit?

You have to understand, if you haven't yet subscribed to my humble little, unprofessionalized, blog, it's your own fault. Here, I dare to say things and ask questions that almost no one else will do for you -- at least not in the way that I do it.

That being said... subscribe.

Today's blog is to ask you two questions,


  • Ryan Deiss', "Continuity Blueprint";
  • to Alex Syseof's, "Expert Wordpress" ;
  • to the Rhodes Brother's, "Traffic Drill";
  • to whatever Mike Filsaime is selling this week,
  • to Liz Tomey's, "I'm Giving You Everything and Won't Stop Until You Make Money" programs,;
  • to John Delavera's, "Turbo HaHa You're Hooked Now!" memberships...
  • to "I'm Just Copying Everyone Else But With Crappier Products" programs...
what, in your humble experience, has been working for you?

Which leads us to your second question,


Normally, I won't say anything too disparaging about a marketer and his, or her, product/service/offer. As one (behind the scenes) myself, I completely understand just how difficult it really is to take a product from idea to launch. It ain't easy, folks. But that doesn't excuse anyone from making either false, or hyped up, claims and, as my email box shows, the claims a-still keep a-comin'....

More and more products... more and more services... day after day... week after week...

So, What's the Story Folks?

Are any of you experiencing success? Or, when a person experiences a little bit of success, do they become cult-like, zip their lips, and start blending in with all the other mediocre success stories at the sacred seminars? ...never to be heard from again...


So, what works? what sucks? what have you got your eyeballs on? who do you think is full of shit? and who do you think should be tarred, feathered and run out of town?

Don't hold back... this is my blog... and this is your moment...

...and you have a right to be heard!


Sam Freedom"s Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

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evilwoobie said...

i love you sam... and thanks!

What works in my humble opinion:

the whole internet selling process is similar to an offline one, I have chosen to stay in the production aspect and create content for others. That makes me an internet marketer's maid, but i don't give a shiat. It pays well.

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Steve said...

I like your style bro. I think you can trust someone who tells it like it is. As for what works and what doesn't work... haha stumbleupon traffic doesn't work. Creating something that people greatly want or need and then automating the distribution is still the trump card.

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