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Friday, October 26, 2007

Craigslist Busted Wide Open...!

Everyone knows Craigslist. My 90-year old grandmother knows of Craigslist yard sales. Even Osama Bin Laden can shop for camels on UAE Craigslist.  And yes, George Bush, MoveOn.Org and Skull & Crossbones ALL know about Craigslist... (it's a part of "The New World Order" kinda thing..) ;-)

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Why just the other day, I couldn't resist clicking on the link for the Egyptian Craigslist site just to see what the heck they were selling jars of special "sand" to unwary Craig's list tourists and boy was I surprised!  There were Craigslist listings in places I'd never even heard of..! Micronesia? Ok, I've heard of Micronesia, but still! Here were just SOME of the international Craigslist sites...

amsterdam, bangalore, berlin, buenosaires, dublin, hongkong, london, manila, mexico, paris, riodejaneiro, rome, sydney, tokyo, countries, argentina, australia, austria, bangladesh, belgium, brazil, canada, caribbean, chile, china, colombia, costa rica, czech repub, denmark, egypt, finland, france, germany, great britain, greece, hungary, india, indonesia, ireland, israel, italy, japan, korea, lebanon, malaysia, mexico, micronesia, netherlands, new zealand, norway, pakistan, panama, peru, philippines, poland, portugal, russia, singapore, south africa, spain, sweden, switzerland, taiwan, thailand, turkey, UAE, UK, US, venezuela, vietnam

The Point Is...

There are 1000s and 1000s of places you can advertise ANYTHING on Craigslist!  With even a minimal of research, you could even find a totally untapped niche in another part of the world and then funnel people to a website for sales or potential Adsense commissions, or even as just an affiliate.... with hardly no competition!

Well, For a While Maybe...

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...because other people are getting the whole freakin boatload of information on how to blow Craigslist wide open for anything you want to sell.  It just kills me watching the regular everyday people use it knowing just how much traffic and sales on which they're totally missing out.

But, you see, I'm a marketer... and a writer... and a blogger...
and a rich kid from Boston, so I don't have to overcharge or lie about anything.



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Moon Dancing Nana said...

I bought the Craigslist/Ebay ebook and I cannot believe how innovative this idea is. I am going to do this and am very excited. This is the most doable money maker for newbies. Once again, though, I see a problem. Too many want that instant "millionaire" gimmick. An aside-I want to do the 20/20 and would like to know the daily time frame to be effective. Is it understandable for us internet idjits?

Thanks Sam

Sam Freedom said...

My pleasure, MDN. It's more difficult selling these days because even though people might trust X, Y or Z or even me, they've just been burned so many times, or confused by so many products with so many "promises."

Even if they trust someone, they're just too tired to keep trying but that's where the fittest find their chances at surviving increased, so my suggestion to you is to something, anything... just don't throw tons of money at it until you start getting SOME results.

The 20/20 challenge, in my opinion, is for people who are fairly quick and relatively comfortable with the idea of themselves as a marketer on the web.

Your question refers to yourself as an "idjit" and while I know you're mostly joking, it does suggest a self-evaluation in regards to online endeavors, and you've been at this how long now?

So I can't recommend the 20/20 challenge for you. It has a main page which isn't just an ordinary sales page but explains everything you can expect, that you are guaranteed, and that a certain level of ability is needed (ftp, webspace, etc).

It's the real deal, but you might soon find that the problem most people have in making it online is not because of the products but because of their fear of success.

Sad, but true.

The CL product was very inexpensive and since CL is free it can give you something inexpensive with which to work.

If you have more questions, let me know.


Jason Swan said...

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